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CAE Associate Director Named

Thomas Gasque Smith, Ph.D., has been named the Associate Director of the Center for Academic Excellence/Writing Center (CAE/WC). Tom joined MUSC’s faculty in 1999, and ten years later was promoted to full professor because of his outstanding work with students and faculty, his service to the University and his scholarship. Tom is a master teacher of rhetoric and writing; his great gift to all students at MUSC, his ability to ask questions, encourages students to think critically and logically. He is a thoughtful and respectful listener, and students respond to his gentle instruction by giving him and the task at hand the best of themselves. In addition, he has served as a writing consultant and editor to numerous faculty, resulting in the publication of more than 20 peer-reviewed articles and more than 14 grants being awarded.

He provides invaluable service to the University by serving on the Implementation Team of Creating Collaborative Care, serving as Chair of the C3 Mission and Vision Group and as a member of the Assessment Subcommittee. Tom was elected Secretary of the Faculty Senate, 2007-08 and chaired the Convocation Committee for 2006-07.

As a vital member of Education and Student Life, he served on the Search Committee that selected Dr. Darlene Shaw as the Associate Provost for Education and Student Life (ESL) and chaired the Strategic Planning Working Group for ESL in 2006-07. He assumed the major role in writing and editing the text for our outstanding annual report, and he wrote and edited most of the text for the web pages featuring ESL on MUSC’s home page. A true collaborator, he also serves as a Certified NCBI Leadership for Diversity Trainer, National Coalition Building Institute, and contributes to the humanities efforts on campus by co-teaching a film and health care interprofessional elective, and by serving on the editorial board of Humanitas, 2003-05.

But equally as important and significant are his administrative contributions to the  CAE/WC. In 2006, he was named Associate Director of the Writing Center and developed, pilot-tested, and now maintains the Writing Center Assessment Tool. In his new capacity, he has developed such an instrument for individual appointments in the CAE and for supplemental instruction. Tom is a vital part of CAE/WC, not only teaching one-on-one and making presentations to classes in all colleges but also training and supervising supplemental instructors and expanding the Board Review/Certifying Exam program to all colleges.

Professionally, he has published in numerous peer-reviewed journals and has several book chapters to his credit. And he is a published poet. In every way, Tom Smith is the ideal Renaissance man. He can do it all, and he does. He is the perfect man to lead, to teach, to serve as the Associate Director of the Center for Academic Excellence and Writing Center.

November 27, 2012



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