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Education and Student Life

2012-2013 Guidelines for ESL Employee Recognition


Up to six exceptional employees will be selected as Employees of the Quarter.

  • Employee of the Year will be selected from the quarterly winners.
  • Employees of the Quarter will be invited to attend a luncheon with the Associate Provost. Winners will also receive a certificate, MUSC/ESL Canvas Bag, and choice of gift certificate:

$50 gift card to MUSC Cafeteria
1-month Membership to Wellness Center

  • Employee of the Year will receive a cash bonus, certificate and plaque.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All full and part-time Education and Student Life employees are eligible including temporary personnel
  • All discussions that take place during committee meetings are strictly confidential
  • Employee must be in good standing. An employee who is in progressive discipline, a warning period of substandard performance or similar circumstances is not eligible to participate in the employee recognition program. Faculty who have received notice of non-reappointment are not eligible to participate in the Program for the academic term(s) following notification of non-reappointment.
  • Employees are eligible to win one time during the fiscal year, but are eligible to become Employee of the Year
  • If nominations are limited to 1-3 nominees for the quarters then the proceeding quarterly nominees not selected should be considered since up to six employees can be selected
  • As to the extent possible, pull yourself and personal influences about an employee out
  • For multiple nominations, consolidate into one overall survey
  • If you are unsure about an item on the survey, or if the nomination does not address the specific topic, leave it blank (would not factor into the results).
  • Encourage more than less winners for each quarter
  • Consider each department in the division
  • No one serving on the committee may nominate or be nominated
  • Conflict of Interest: To ensure the program remains as equitable as possible, Selection Committee Members should not participate either formally or informally in decisions regarding family members or individuals with whom they have close emotional ties.
  • The committee’s recommendations will go to the Associate Provost for Education and Student Life who will make the final decision

Guidelines set by Executive Directors

  1. All selection committee members have a vote on Employee of the Year regardless if absent on the day the vote is taken (Asking to allow absentee votes)
  2. Wendy Littlejohn has been appointed as official advisor to the committee
  3. Nominees will be submitted to the committee after the Executive Directors approve the list (acknowledge the employee is in good standing).

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