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Education and Student Life

Education and Student Life Employee Recognition Program

Nomination From Outside the Division of Education and Student Life

Please complete the following form to submit a nomination to the recognition program.

Please describe as completely as possible why this individual should be considered for recognition by the selection committee. Recognition is not automatic, but is the result of evaluation by the selection committee. The committee will be basing its decision solely on this recommendation.

Please provide specific examples for each of the criteria listed below.

Personal Characteristics
- Reliable and consistent
- Spirit of congeniality, generates enthusiasm in others
- Volunteering services that are beyond assigned responsibilities
Quality of Work
- Provides first class customer support
- Consistently provides high quality work that exceeds expectations
- Finds creative ways to increase efficiency and save the department time and money
Leadership and Interpersonal Skills
- Inspires others to work together and achieve their fullest potential
- Instills a sense of respect and trust in their colleagues
- Flexible in changing environments, fluidly handles problems as they occur

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