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MUSC Bulletin | General Information

Academic Degree Programs and Majors

The University offers through its six colleges the following degree programs:


DD.DMDDoctor of Dental Medicine
DM.ENDOMS in Dentistry - Endodontics
DM.ORSCMS in Oral Sciences
DM.ORTHOMS in Dentistry - Orthodontics
DM.PEDSMS in Dentistry - Pediatrics
DM.PERIOMS in Dentistry - Periodontics
DP.BMBDMD/PhD in Biochemistry
DP.BMTRYDMD/PhD in Biometry
DP.MBIMDMD/PhD in Microbiology & Immunology
DP.MCBP.ANATDMD/PhD in MCBP -Anatomy & Cell BIology
DP.MCBP.MARBIDMD/PhD in MCBP - Marine Biomedicine
DP.MCBP.MOLBIDMD/PhD in MCBP - Molecular Biology
DP.PATHDMD/PhD in Pathology
DP.PCOLDMD/PhD in Pharmacology
DP.PHMSCDMD/PhD in Pharmaceutical Science
DP.PHYSODMD/PhD in Physiology


GM.ANATMS in Anatomy & Cell Biology
GM.BMBMS in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
GM.BMTRYMS in Biostatistics,Bioinformatics,Epidemiology
GM.BSCMS in Medical Sciences
GM.MBIMMS in Microbiology & Immunology
GM.MBSMS in Biomedical Sciences
GM.MCBPMS in Molecular/Cell Bio/Pathology
GM.MCRMS in Clinical Research
GM.MCR.SPTMS in Clinical Research - SPTCR
GM.PATHMS in Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
GM.PCOLMS in Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
GM.PHMSCMS in Pharmaceutical Sciences
GM.PHYSOMS in Physiology & Neuroscience
GP.BIOMIPhD in Biomedical Imaging
GP.BMBPhD in Biochemistry
GP.BMTRYPhD in Biometry
GP.MBIMPhD in Microbiology & Immunology
GP.MCBP.ANATPhD in MCBP - Anatomy & Cell Biology
GP.MCBP.CANBIPhD in MCBP - Cancer Biology
GP.MCBP.CBPhD in MCBP - Craniofacial Biology
GP.MCBP.CREGPhD in MCBP - Cell Regulation
GP.MCBP.CVBIOPhD in MCBP - Cardiovascular Biology
GP.MCBP.GENDVPhD in MCBP - Genetics & Development
GP.MCBP.MARBIPhD in MCBP - Marine Biomedicine
GP.MCBP.MOLBIPhD in MCBP - Molecular Biology
GP.MCBP.STRBIPhD in MCBP - Structural Biology
GP.PATHPhD in Pathology
GP.PCOLPhD in Pharmacology
GP.PHMPHPharmD/PhD in Pharmaceutical Science
GP.PHMSCPhD in Pharmaceutical Science
GP.PHYSOPhD in Physiology


HM.AFNMS in Nurse Anesthesia
HM.CVPMS in Cardiovascular Perfusion
HM.HINMS in Health Informatics
HM.MHA.EXECMaster of Health Administration - Executive 
HM.MHA.RESMaster of Health Administration - Residential 
HM.PAMS in Physician Assistant Studies
HM.RHOTMS in Occupational Therapy
HP.AFN.POSTBDoctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice - PostB
HP.AFN.POSTMDoctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice - PostM
HP.DHADoctor of Health Administration
HP.DHA.IPDoctor of Health Admin - Interprofessional Studies
HP.DHA.ISLDoctor of Health Admin - Info Sys Leadership
HP.HRSPhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science
HP.PTDoctor of Physical Therapy
HU.ECTBS in Cardiovascular Perfusion
HU.HCSBS in Health Care Studies


MD.MDDoctor of Medicine
MM.PHEPIMaster of Public Health in Epidemiology
MM.PHHBPMaster of Public Health in Health Behavior & Promo
MM.PHSTAMaster of Public Health in Biostatistics
MP.BMBMD/PhD in Biochemistry
MP.BMTRYMD/PhD in Biometry
MP.MBIMMD/PhD in Microbiology & Immunology
MP.MCBPMD/PhD in Molecular/Cell Bio/Pathology
MP.MCBP.ANATMD/PhD in MCBP - Anatomy & Cell Biology
MP.MCBP.CANBIMD/PhD in MCBP -  Cancer Biology
MP.MCBP.CBMD/PHD in MCBP - Craniofacial Biology
MP.MCBP.CREGMD/PhD in MCBP - Cell Regulation
MP.MCBP.CVBIOMD/PhD in MCBP - Cardiovascular Biology
MP.MCBP.GENDVMD/PhD in MCBP - Genetics & Development
MP.MCBP.MARBIMD/PhD in MCBP - Marine Biology
MP.MCBP.MOLBIMD/PhD in MCBP - Molecular Biology
MP.MCBP.STRBIMD/PhD in MCBP - Structural Biology
MP.PATHMD/PhD in Pathology
MP.PCOLMD/PhD in Pharmacology
MP.PHMSCMD/PhD in Pharmaceutical Science
MP.PHYSOMD/PhD in Physiology


NM.ANP.POSTBMS in Nursing - Adult Gero NP Primary Care: PostB
NM.FNP.POSTBMS in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner: PostB
NM.PNP.POSTBMS in Nursing - Pediatric NP Primary Care: PostB
NP.ANP.POSTBDNP - Adult Nurse Practitioner: PostB
NP.APN.POSTMDNP - Advanced Practice Nurse: PostM
NP.ELI.POSTBDNP - Executive Leadership and Innovation: PostB
NP.ELI.POSTMDNP - Executive Leadership and Innovation: PostM
NP.FNP.POSTBDNP - Family Nurse Practitioner: PostB
NP.NURS.POSTBPhD in Nursing: PostB
NP.NURS.POSTMPhD in Nursing: PostM
NP.PMH.POSTBDNP - Psychiatric Mental Health: PostB
NP.PMH.POSTMDNP - Psychiatric Mental Health: PostM
NP.PNP.POSTBDNP - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: PostB
NU.BSAccelerated BS in Nursing


PC.CPPClinical Pharmacy Practice Certificate
PD.ENTRYDoctor of Pharmacy

















































































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