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Students may complete degree requirements at the end of the spring semester, or the summer semester, or the fall semester, although the University conducts only one graduation ceremony held in the morning on the third Friday in May. Students graduating in August and December are eligible to participate in the following May commencement ceremony. By special permission from their dean, students expecting to complete requirements in August may participate in the prior May ceremony. Students completing their requirements in May are expected to participate in the May ceremony.

Students eligible for graduation will be notified when it is time to complete the degree application. Students are expected to complete the application at their appointed time.

Academically outstanding undergraduate degree recipients are eligible to receive Latin honors based on the final cumulative grade point average on a scale where 4.0 is perfect. The honor is inscribed on the diploma. For Summa Cum Laude, the student must have a 3.90-4.00 average; for Magna Cum Laude, the student must have a 3.80-3.89 average; and for Cum Laude, the student must have a 3.70-3.79 average. Students earning graduate and professional degrees do not receive these undergraduate honors designations.

Diplomas are mailed to August and December graduates in the month following completion of requirements, but are presented to May graduates at the conclusion of the commencement ceremony.

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