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Student Academic Records

The Office of Enrollment Management (OEM) is recognized as the central authority over student information and processes as they relate to FERPA compliance for the University. This authority holds for student data in the Student Information System under the direct custodial care of OEM, as well as any other system or repository of FERPA-covered information in the University. Any such repository outside the Student Information System must be approved by OEM prior to implementation.

Academic records for all Medical University students are maintained in OEM. With the exception of copies made for internal University use, no copies of a student’s record will be released without the student’s written consent.

Transcripts are provided at no additional cost to enrolled students; others are charged the published fee. Transcripts will not be issued to students having a hold placed on their files by the dean, enrollment management, accounting office, financial aid office, library, hospital, or bookstore. Transcripts for students in the some of the various colleges may include, whenever appropriate, notation about leave of absence, academic suspension, and dismissal. Reports of grades are available directly to students each semester over a secure Web site following the end of final examinations. It is the student’s responsibility to update address changes with OEM. 

Last Published with Edits:July 30, 2014 3:49 PM
Last Comprehensive Review: Fall 2014

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