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Faculty Instructor - proficiency in spoken and written English

The English Fluency and Higher Education Act requires all faculty members with teaching responsibilities whose first language is not English to possess adequate proficiency in spoken and written English. Should a student believe that an MUSC faculty member fails to meet the requirement of this Act, the complainant should meet with the designated official in the Dean’s Office to discuss the nature and circumstances of the issue involving English fluency. The designated official will conduct an independent informal inquiry by calling witnesses and gathering whatever information is necessary to reach a determination concerning the merits of the allegations in an expeditious manner. The designated official will provide the Dean with a written report detailing his/her findings and advising the Dean on recommended actions. The Dean will be responsible for acting appropriately on the recommendations and will notify the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost of the complaint and its disposition for CHE reporting purposes. The complainant may appeal a Dean’s decision or action to the Office of the Vice president for Academic Affairs and Provost. 

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