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Four Year Articulation Table

SC Public Four Year Colleges Articulation Table

Additional courses not shown may be accepted after special review by MUSC.

MUSC PrerequisiteCollege of CharlestonUniv. of So. CarolinaLanderCoastal CarolinaFrancis MarionClemsonCitadelS.C. StateWinthrop
General BiologyBIOL 111BIOL 101BIOL 101BIOL 121BIOL 105/115BIOL 103BIOL 101/111BSC 150/151BIOL 204
BIOL 112BIOL 102BIOL 102BIOL 122BIOL 106/116BIOL 104BIOL 102/112BSC 152/153BIOL 205
  BIOL 111  BIOL 110  BIOL 206
  BIOL 112  BIOL 111   
AnatomyBIOL 202BIOL 232BIOL 202BIOL 315BIOL 205BIOSC 315BIOL 302B 201BIOL
BIOL 415BIOL 308BIOL 305BIOL 303B 207
PhysiologyBIOL 201BIOL 242BIOL 203BIOL 343BIOL 406BIOSC 475/476BIOL 304/306B 202 BIOL
BIOL 460BIOL 311BIOL 360BIOSC 675/676BIOL 403B 208
Anatomy & Physiology  BIOL 232 & BIOL 242 BIOL 222



 BIOL 305 & BIOL 306
 (must take both to receive credit)(must take both to receive credit)w/BIOL 223 & BIOL 224 w/BIOL 225(must take both to receive credit)
(8hrs)BIOL 243 & BIOL 244 (all four of the above must be taken to receive credit) 
 (must take both to receive credit)   
MicrobiologyBIOL 310BIOL 330BIOL 421BIOL 330BIOL 311MICRO 305BIOL 310B 305BIOL 310
General ChemistryCHEM 101CHEM 111CHEM 111CHEM 111CHEM 101CH 101CHEM 151/161C 150/151CHEM 105/107
CHEM 102CHEM 112CHEM 112CHEM 112CHEM 102CH 102CHEM 152/162C 152/153CHEM 106/108
CHEM 111        
CHEM 112        
Organic ChemistryCHEM 231CHEM 333CHEM 221CHEM 331CHEM 201CH 223CHEM 207/217C 306/316CHEM 301/303
CHEM 232CHEM 334CHEM 222CHEM 332CHEM 202w/CH 227CHEM 208/218C 307/317CHEM 302/304
     CH 224   
     w/CH 228   
General PhysicsPHYS 101 & PHYS 102PHYS 201 & PHYS 202PHYS 201 & PHYS 202PHYS 201 & PHYS 202PHYS 201 & PHYS 202PHYS 122/124PHYS 203/204P 250/251PHYS 201 & PHYS 202
PHYS 201 & PHYS 202PHYS 211 & PHYS 212PHYS 211 & PHYS 212PHYS 211 & PHYS 212PHYS 215 & PHYS 216PHYS 207/208PHYS 221/271P 252/253PHYS 211 & PHYS 212
   PHYS 301 & PHYS 302 PHYS 221/223PHYS 222/272  
AlgebraMATH 101MATH 111MATH 111MATH 130MATH 105MTHSC 102MATH 119M 151MATH 101
MATH 111MATH 115MATH 112MATH 111MTHSC 104M 152MATH 103
    MTHSC 105  
MathematicsMATH 101MATH 111MATH 111MATH 130MATH 105MTHCS 102MATH 119M 150MATH 101
MATH 103MATH 112MATH 112MATH 131MATH 111MTHSC 104MATH 131M 151MATH 103
MATH 111MATH 115MATH 121MATH 150MATH 112MTHSC 105MATH 132M 152MATH 104
 MATH 123MATH 151MATH 140MTHSC 106 M 153MATH 105
  MATH 131 MATH 201MTHSC 108 M 154MATH 140
   MATH 202    
    MATH 203    
CalculusMATH 120MATH 141MATH 131MATH 160MATH 140MTHSC 102MATH 106M 153MATH 105
MATH 220MATH 142MATH 132MATH 161MATH 201MTHSC 106MATH 107M 154MATH 201
MATH 221  MATH 202MTHSC 108MATH 131M 163MATH 202
   MATH 203MTHSC 206MATH 132 MATH 301
     MTHSC 207MATH 231  
StatisticsMATH 104PSYC 227BA 225BIOL 418MATH 312EXST 301BADM 205PSY 307MATH 141
MATH 216STAT 110MATH 211CBAD 291ECON 205MTHSC 203STAT 160M 208MATH 541
PSYC 211STAT 201MATH 212PSYC 225MTHSC 301STAT 361 MATH 542
 STAT 509 STAT 201 MTHSC 302STAT 366 MATH 546
   STAT 410 MTHSC 403MATH 405 PSYC 304
     MTHSC 405  QMTH 205
        QMTH 206
EnglishENGL 101ENGL 101ENGL 101ENGL 101ENGL 111ENGL 101ENGL 101E 150WRIT 101
ENGL 102ENGL 102ENGL 102ENGL 102ENGL 112ENGL 102ENGL 102E 151WRIT 102
ENGL 110
EconomicsECON 101ECON 221ECON 101ECON 221ECON 203ECON 200BADM 201ECON 250ECON 201
ECON 201ECON 201ECON 222ECON 204ECON 211BADM 202ECON 260ECON 202
ECON 200ECON 202 ECON 250ECON 212   
General PsychologyPSYC 103PSYC 101PSYC 101PSYC 101PSYC 200PSYCH 201PSYC 201PSY 250PSYC 101
PSYC 206
Abnormal PsychologyPSYC 307PSYC 410PSYC 251PSYC 410PSYC 325PSYC 383PSYC 304PSY 204PSYC 503
Exceptional ChildEDFS 345EDEX 523PSYC 311EDUC 370EDUC 520EDSP 370 SPED 216PSYC 512
PSYC 528SPED 323PSYC 428SPED 392
Interpersonal CommunicationCOMM 220THSP 230SPCH 101PSYC 303SPCH 101SPCH 150ENGL 205S 150SPCH 201
EDCE 600COMM 101SPCH 348
Human Growth & DevelopmentPSYC 324PSYC 420EDUC 221PSYC 302PSYC 334PSYCH 340PSYC 202EPSY 250PSYC 206 or 306
PSYC 311PSYC 203w/PSYC 307
Child DevelopmentEDFS 303EDPY 333PSYC 203EDUC 332PSYC 315EDF 334EDUC 307EPSY 250ECED 331/301
PSYC 309EXSC 351PSYC 314PHED 226PYSC 340PSYC 306
PSYC 311PSYC 520 PSYC 420PSYC 443 
Medical TerminologyCLAS 111CLAS 230   HLTH 350   
MicrocomputersCSCI 101CSCI 101CS 101CSCI 130CSCI 150CPSC 101CSCI 110CS 150CSCI 101
CSEM 101CPSC 102CSCI 201CSCI 105
 CPSC 120CSCI 202CSCI 110
   CSCI 151

All science courses listed as prerequisites from MUSC must include a lab component.

Social science prerequisites can be filled with any of the following (except when the program requires specific social sciences - see prerequisites lists from programs you are interested in): anthropology, computer science, economics, history, political science, management, additional psychology, sociology, business administration, geography.

Humanities prerequisites cn be filled with any of the following: aesthetics, art, business administration, ethics, education, fine arts, foreign language, literature, marketing, philosophy, speech, communications, religion.

Electives: some programs have recommended electives. General rule - any course that is college level and has not been used to meet other specific prerequisites requirements may be used. No more than four semester hours of PE/band/choir may be used.

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