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Bulletin of the Medical University of South Carolina

Policy Guide

Act 629

Policy Guide to the Transfer of Students from South Carolina Colleges and Universities into Baccalaureate Programs at the Medical University of South Carolina.

1. Definitions.

a) Transfer Student.

The Medical University defines a transfer student as someone seeking first-time admission into and someone entering her/his chosen upper-division baccalaureate program at the university with completion of lower-division course prerequisites.

b) General Admission Requirements.

All applicants to baccalaureate programs of the Medical University are required to meet these general requirements.

Applicants must complete a university application for admission and certify that the information provided is accurate.

Applicants must file a university application for admission according to filing deadlines.

Applicants must provide official transcripts of all post-secondary work already completed at an accredited institution. (And prior to the end of their first semester of enrollment at the university, applicants must provide final official transcripts of work listed on the application as "in progress".) Work completed at non-accredited institutions will be subject to review by MUSC faculty on a course-by-course basis.

Applicants must request that official reports of standardized test scores be sent directly to Enrollment Management.

Applicants must request letters of reference/recommendation be sent directly to Enrollment Management.

Applicants must pay a non-refundable application processing fee for each application submitted.

Applicants must refile an entire application with new transcripts, letters, and test score reports and pay again the filing fee if not matriculated in the year of prior filing.

Applicants with more than 60 semester transferable applicable units and who otherwise meet academic eligibility requirements will receive advanced (i.e., upper-division) standing based on any of those additional units which are at the upper-division level and which meet program degree requirements (including free electives).

Applicants not in full compliance with admission requirements are subject to withdrawal from further consideration by the university.

Conditional admission status is occasionally but rarely awarded to a very limited number of applicants who have not yet fulfulled all admission requirements because of extenuating circumstances but who demonstrate to the faculty a preponderance of evidence that they are eligible to succeed. Conditional status must be resolved early in the enrollment period, in the manner stipulated in writing by the university at the time of admission. Non-compliance with all admission requirements will result in withdrawal of the original offer of admission.

Non-resident applicants from South Carolina colleges and universities are subject to higher index levels of eligibility for admission than are resident applicants from those same colleges and universities.

c) Program Admission Requirements.

In addition the the university's general admission requirements, applicants to the undergraduate programs must also meet prerequisite requirements as follows.

A listing of technical college courses that meet these prerequisite requirements can be found here

Program Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Cardiovascular Perfusion

Term of admission: Fall
Application filing deadline: Regular Admission - January 1, Late Admission - July 1
For additional information, (843) 792-2298.




Quarter Hours

Semester Hours






Mathematics - College Algebra or higher (6 s.h. recommended)








Physiology - includes lab




Anatomy - includes lab




General Chemistry - includes lab




Medical Terminology




General Physics - includes lab




Social Sciences - from at least two of the following: anthropology, computer science, economics, history, political science, psychology, and sociology




Humanities - from at least two of the following: education, fine arts, foreign language, literature, philosophy, speech, communications




Electives -accounting, speech, additional science, social science, and humanities recommended




Total Hours



Program Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Term of admission: Spring, Fall

 CourseSemester Hours
 English Composition/Literature6
 Life Span Human Development3
 General Microbiology4
 Science Electives4
 Social Sciences/Humanities15

Four-year college and university courses meeting these prerequisite requirements can be found here.

2. Limitations.

a) Standardized test scores (ACT, SAT,CLEP, MAT, TOEFL [for applicants whose prior instruction was in a language other than English], and GRE [when it can substitute in some programs for the ACT or SAT test]) are subject to these limitations.
There is no university-imposed time limit on the age of the scores. (The GRE program limits scores to a 5-year life, however.)

b) CLEP credit is allowed and follows recommendations of the American Council on Education.

c) Military credit is allowed and follows recommendations of the American Council on Education.

d) Advanced Placement credit is allowed when it is found on the official transcript of an accredited college or university that has awarded the credit. The Medical University does not itself directly award credit for advanced placement.

e) Foreign institution course credit is awarded when found on an accredited U.S. college or university transcript and when it is part of that U.S. institution's international exchange program.

f) Foreign institution course credit not part of a U.S. program is awarded based on a course-by-course recommendation of a bona fide transcript evaluation agency service. (Note: the applicant pays the agency directly for this service.) The transcript must be an offical translation into English.

g) Non-accredited institution course credit is only awarded following evaluation and recommendation by Medical University faculty.

h) Work satisfactorily completed elsewhere while the student is under suspension is not credited toward the degree although it may give evidence of eligibility for admission or readmission.

i) Substandard work completed elsewhere is not awarded credit.

3. Maximum Transfer Credit Allowed.
The Medical University requires that at least 33% of all work completed toward its degree be completed at MUSC. There is no other specific limitation on the number of transfer credits awarded. However, the baccalaureate programs will accept for prerequisite credits only a specific number of credits used to calculate admission eligibility.

Cardiovascular Perfusion, and Nursing will calculate no more than 60 prerequisite units; and health sciences will calculate between 60 and 90 units, only.

4. Calculation of Transfer Grade Averages.
Entering grade averages are calculated only to determine admission eleigibility. None of these averages is ever included in the Medical University grade average.

a) Several averages may be used to determine eligibility.

Grades of WD, INC are not calculated.
Grades in science courses required as prerequisites are calculated as the "Science Key GPA".
Grades in science courses are calculated as the "Science GPA."
Grades in all work attempted (including repeated courses) are calculated as the "Overall GPA".
Grades in all courses that are prerequisite to the program are calculated as the "Key GPA".

b) There is no limit imposed by the Medical University on the age of transfer grades.

5. Technical College Courses.
The Medical University accepts the following courses from South Carolina technical colleges:

SC Technical College Courses Which Will Meet Prerequisite Requirements

The Medical University offers no lower-division courses; therefore, there are no equivalencies for these courses on the university's campus. "Free elective" courses are accepted as follows:

Technical College Courses Transferable to Public Senior Institutions

6. Articulation Agreements.
The Medical University has no articulation agreement with any other South Carolina college or university for any of its baccalaureate programs.

7. Transfer Officer.
The Medical University's transfer officer is:

Sandra Morris, Registrar
Office of Enrollment Management
Medical University of South Carolina
45 Courtenay Drive
MSC 203
Charleston, SC 29425

tel: (843) 792-8720
fax: (843) 792-6615

8. Academic Bankruptcy.
The Medical University does not forgive academic records of failed or underachieving students. While it does require that repeated courses be calculated into the prerequisite grade average, it does not allow credits earned in repeated courses to add to prerequisite admission totals or to count toward the degree.

9. Residency Requirement.
See item #3 above.

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