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Work Completed Elsewhere

Courses from other accredited institutions, as well as from another college within the University, are evaluated for transfer. Equivalency is determined by appropriate faculty. Prerequisite elective credit for military experience is awarded by the undergraduate programs in the College of Health Professions. Credit is awarded according to the recommendations in The Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, published by the American Council on Education. For students who complete work elsewhere that contributes to advanced standing prior to their first matriculation in the University, the MUSC transcript will show only total units credited in transfer without mention of specific courses, grades, or institution of origin. For students who complete work elsewhere or in another college in the University subsequent to their matriculation at MUSC for the purpose of advancing their standing, with prior approval by their dean, the transcript will show the equivalent department, title, and number of course, the credits awarded, and the grade earned (converted where necessary into MUSC’s numerical grading system according to the transfer credits translation table shown below) in order to be included in the student’s MUSC cumulative grade point average. Regardless of the number of credits awarded, transfer students are expected to complete a core of courses at the Medical University. Details are provided in the college sections of this bulletin. Complete information about the University’s transfer practices is available on the Internet at this address: Copies of the transfer practices are also available in the Office of Enrollment Management.

Transfer Credits Translation Table

 A95 - 100 4.0
A-92 - 943.7
B+90 - 913.3
85 - 893.0
B- 82 - 842.7
C+80 - 812.3
C75 - 792.0
C- 72 - 741.7
D+70 - 711.3
D65 - 691.0
D-62 - 640.7
00 - 610.0


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