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Individual admission requirements are specified in the section of this bulletin which describes each discipline. Students who are interested in any of the offerings should carefully plan their prerequisite study to include the subject areas required. The collegiate work required for admission may be completed at any accredited college or university. Students are urged to seek early counsel from the Student Life Center of the College or from the program in which they wish to enroll.

Application Procedures
Applications are available throughout the year on the web at Prospective students are encouraged to apply early. Applications are submitted to the Office of Enrollment Management. For academic and career counseling, contact Student Life Center of the College of Health Professions (

Application forms are available online and include payment of a nonrefundable application fee. Forms should be submitted as soon as they are completed, but no later than the individual program deadline noted in the application website. Programs occasionally have class openings after the first admissions selection and deadlines are noted on the application website. Inquiries are welcomed at any time. Refer to specific program sections for additional instructions. Please contact the appropriate educational program ( or the Office of Enrollment Management for further information.

A matriculation fee is required of all accepted applicants in order to hold their position. This fee should be submitted along with the Applicant’s Response Form accepting the offer of admission.

For details concerning specific and required fees, the Schedule of Academic Charges is published annually and is available in June. The schedule is posted on the University website. It is also available from the Office of Enrollment Management.

Entrance Requirements
The following entrance requirements govern the admission of students to the College of Health Professions.

  1. Prerequisite course work normally must be from an accredited institution. Credits earned at a nonaccredited institution will be accepted if they are validated by transfer to another accredited undergraduate institution. Credits may also be validated by earning an acceptable score in specific areas of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).
  2. Applicants must provide the Office of Enrollment Management with final and official transcripts of all work completed at other institutions. These transcripts should reflect that the applicant was in satisfactory standing at the time of completion of course work.
  3. Satisfactory SAT/ACT/GRE or other test scores must be presented as specified by the individual programs.
  4. A personal interview may be part of the application process.
  5. A maximum of 30 semester hours of CLEP credit may be accepted as specified by the individual programs.

Admission Selection
The admission selection process is based on a weighting system which is applied equally to all applicants. The general items of consideration are overall GPA; key GPA (generally science courses); SAT, ACT, GRE, or other test scores; interview scores (if required); and reference ratings. Variation in weighting and data input does occur among individual programs. The purpose of the interview (if required) is to discuss academic, professional, and personal qualifications and interests. At the time of the admission selection, all available data are weighted appropriately and computed, and applicants are considered based on the sum of this information.

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