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Professional Conduct
The college has adopted a code of professional conduct which all students are expected to follow. Each student’s professional conduct will be observed by the faculty, both full time and clinical, and will be evaluated each semester.

A student receiving an unsatisfactory professional conduct evaluation will be counseled by the division director and/or department chairperson and one or more faculty members. Upon recommendations of the division director and approval by the dean, a student who receives an unsatisfactory evaluation on professional development for one or more semesters may be required to withdraw or be dismissed from the College of Health Professions.

Under the code of professional conduct, a student enrolled in the College of Health Professions is expected to

  • appear and conduct himself/herself in a professionally acceptable manner.
  • be cognizant of and adhere to the channels of authority.
  • be academically and professionally honest.
  • show respect for and be mutually supportive of fellow students, faculty, and staff regardless of race, religion, sex, nationality, or economic status.
  • identify truthfully and accurately his/her credentials and professional status.
  • refrain from performing any professional service which requires competence that he/she does not possess or which is prohibited by law, unless the situation morally dictates otherwise.
  • accept responsibility for relating incompetence and unethical conduct to the proper authorities.
  • regard as strictly confidential all information concerning each patient and refrain from discussing this information with any unauthorized individual, including the patient.
  • show respect and consideration for the patient, regardless of race, religion, sex, nationality, or economic status.
  • be guided at all times by concern for the welfare of patients entrusted to his/her care.
  • adhere to College and division specific policies and procedures including but not limited to attendance, dress code, etc.

Personal Conduct
Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner meeting the accepted standards of health care professionals.

Appeal Process
Refer to the University Academic Review Policy

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Last Comprehensive Review: Fall 2013

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