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Doctor of Health Administration | Curriculum

Course Credit Hours
DHA-801Financial Management3
DHA-804Global and Community Health3
DHA-807Managing Healthcare Information3
DHA-861Foundations in Leadership3
DHA-863Foundations in Strategic Management3
DHA-864Quality Improvement3
DHA-865Seminar in National Health Policy3
DHA-866Applied Research3
DHA-867Quantitative Methods for Research3
DHA-868Foundations in Health Policy3
DHA-869Leadership II3
DHA-870Advanced Techniques in Applied Research3
DHA-871Management of Change3
DHA-872Leadership III3
DHA-873Advanced Systems Thinking3
DHA-990Doctoral Project18
Total Credit Hours63

Comprehensive Examination
A comprehensive examination will be taken within one month following completion of all course work. The written examination will require the examinee to demonstrate an application and integration of his/her knowledge to specific health care issues. Examinations will be evaluated as Pass or No-Pass.

Doctoral Project Proposal
The doctoral project proposal should be developed over the second year of course work. After successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination, the proposal must be formally presented to the doctoral candidate’s project committee for approval. Only after formal approval can work proceed with the project.

Doctoral Project
Each student in the executive Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) will be required to complete a major study analyzing a management or policy issue in the health care field. The doctoral project will be an applied management study in an actual organization or subject area as contrasted with a theoretical research project required in most Ph.D. programs.

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