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Doctor of Health Administration | Introduction

James Zoller, Ph.D., DHA Division Director

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The Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) Program offers three unique tracks in health administration. Each is designed to allow ambitious health care professionals to turn their clinical or administrative experiences into opportunities to teach, shape public policy and/or lead complex organizations. Successful applicants will possess relevant Masters Degrees and at least five years of practical experience in the field.

Doctor of Health Administration - Executive Program
The world of health care is complex, and ever-changing, and will benefit from individuals who marry their deep learning with a desire to influence others. Candidates in the DHA-Executive program have achieved senior-level administrative positions, and now seek the next level of learning. Our graduates generally intend to turn their doctoral degrees into higher education faculty positions, into leadership roles in health care advocacy, or into the highest levels of health care administration. Courses are offered on extended weekend schedules to allow students to combine their professional and academic lives. Required on-campus sessions are held one long weekend per semester.

Doctor of Health Administration - Interprofessional Studies Program
CHP is considered a national leader in the "interprofessional" approach to health care. This point of view harnesses the wide range of expertise found in a medical team, integrating their specialties into a patient-centered approach. Our DHA-Interprofessional program turns this CHP core philosophy into a degree, fostering collaborative thinking in future health care faculty, advocates, and executives. This program features evidence-based practice and hones individual leadership skills in order to broaden the health care community's embrace of inter-professional practice. Courses are offered in executive formulate to allow students to combine their professional and academic lives.

Doctor of Health Administration - Information Systems
With national attention focused on improving efficiencies and outcomes in healthcare delivery, information management is emerging as a key to future success. This new program delivers cutting-edge, doctoral level training in an on-line environment, allowing students to continue working while studying. Professionals will apply their experience in healthcare technology to this degree, emerging prepared to help shape policy and improve patient outcomes. Required on campus sessions are held one long weekend per semester.


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