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Cardiovascular Perfusion | Curriculum

The CP curriculum spans 21 consecutive months and consists of didactic and clinical education. Students begin with core curriculum courses in physiology and pharmacology in other colleges on the MUSC campus. During the first year, students take specific CP course work which includes: Perfusion Technology I and II, Medical Instrumentation, Computers, Pathophysiology, and Research Methods. CP students are introduced to the medical care setting in the first two semesters with clinical observation in the operating room, cardiac catheterization laboratory, dialysis and echocardiography labs. The last nine months are spent primarily in the clinical and research environment. Students participate in outside clinical perfusion rotations, a thoracic surgery rotation, and also serve as student clinical coordinator for the perfusion service.

First Year

Fall Semester

Credit Hours

ECT-301Perfusion Technology I   4
ECT-310Introduction to Statistics and Research Methods3
ECT-313Clinical and Laboratory Instrumentation4
ECT-320Seminar I1
ECT-348Computers in Perfusion Technology1
ECT-510 Physiology6
IP-710Transforming Healthcare2

Spring Semester

ECT-330Seminar II1
ECT-335Perfusion Technology II5
ECT-340Fundamentals of Clinical Acid Base Chemistry2
ECT-355Research Planning and Design I1
ECT-360Pathophysiology for Perfusion Technology4
ECT-610Pharmacology for Perfusion4

Summer Session

ECT-331Principles and Practices of Perfusion Technology7
ECT-345Clinical Experience I6
ECT-461Research Planning and Design II1
ECT-400Intro to Clinical Perfusion Through Simulation3
ECT-464ECT in Pediatric Heart Surgery2
Second Year

Fall Semester

ECT-410Seminar III1
ECT-453Clinical Experience II A6
ECT-454Clinical Experience II B6
ECT-462Special Projects I1

Spring Semester

ECT-420Seminar IV1
ECT-456Clinical Experience III A6
ECT-457Clincal Experience III B6
ECT-463Special Projects II1
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