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Anesthesia for Nurses (AFN) students are enrolled in the Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia (MSNA) curriculum. Graduates are awarded a MSNA degree. Students are instructed for a period of 28 months in accordance with the standards set by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs.  The first 12 months are primarily classroom instruction that supports the students' acquisition of basic and advanced anesthesia skills necessary for the safe administration of anesthesia. Students practice clinical skills using high-fidelity simulations.  During the final 16 months, students are immersed in the clinical area where they administer anesthesia to all types of patients and in all types of practice settings. Students are evaluated on their ability to integrate didactic knowledge to clinical practice, demonstrate critical thinking skills, and appropriate interventions in patient management.

Through the variety of clinical sites, AFN students have opportunities to administer anesthesia to complicated pediatric and adult patients in a large teaching hospital and to patients of all ages in  community hospitals and rural independent CRNA practices. Students obtain extensive hands-on clinical experiences in administering many types of regional anesthesia. Detailed information on clinical sites can be found on the AFN webpage


Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia Academic Schedule

Fall Semester I Credit Hours
AFN-527Human Anatomy for Nurse Anesthetists5.0
AFN-650Adv Health and Physical Assessment for Anesthesia3.0
AFN-630Research Methods3.0
AFN-584Adv. Physiology/Pathophysiology5.0
AFN-631Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology3.0
Spring Semester I
AFN-510Professional Issues3.0
AFN-511 Chemistry and Physics of Anesthesia 3.0
AFN-513Clinical Simulation Lab1.0
AFN-525Basic Principles of Anesthesia Practice3.0
AFN-581Anesthesia Seminar1.0
AFN-628Advanced Pharmacology: Anesthetic Drugs4.0
Summer Term I
AFN-526Advanced Principles of Anesthesia Practice5.0
AFN-532Introduction to Clinical Anesthesia3.0
AFN-582 Anesthesia Seminar1.0
AFN-514Clinical Simulation Lab II1.0
AFN-645Research Project I1.0
Fall Semester II
AFN-541Anesthesia Practicum 11.0
AFN-583Anesthesia Seminar1.0
AFN-646Research Project II1.0
Spring Semester II
AFN-641 Anesthesia Practicum11.0
AFN-681Research Seminar1.0
Summer Semester II
AFN-642Anesthesia Practicum11.0
AFN-682Research Seminar1.0
AFN-647Research Project III1.0
Fall Semester III
AFN-643Anesthesia Practicum11.0
AFN-683Research Seminar1.0
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