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MUSC Bulletin | College of Health Professions

Physical Therapy | Curriculum

First Year
Summer Semester 
PT-700Foundations of Physical Therapy2
PT-705Movement Science3
PT-705LSurface Anatomy Lab1
PT-718Human Anatomy 5
PT-764Evidence Based Practice I1
Fall Semester 
PT-712Applied Physiology and Nutrition3
PT-712LApplied Physiology and Nutrition Lab1
PT-721LPhysical Therapy Interventions I Lab2
PT 730Musculoskeletal I3
PT 730LMusculoskeletal I Lab3
Spring Semester 
IP-710Transforming Health Care2
PT-711Clinical Pathophysiology
PT-716Biomechancial Analysis of Human Locomotion1.5
PT-722Physical Therapy Interventions II2
PT-722LPhysical Therapy Interventions II Lab1
PT-731Musculoskeletal II3
PT-731LMusculoskeletal II Lab 2
Second Year
Summer Semester
PT-723PT Interventions III: Physical Agents1.5
PT-727LCardiovascular/Pulmonary Lab1
PT-732Musculoskeletal III 3
PT-732LMusculoskeletal III Lab2
PT-765Evidence Based Practice II1
PT-749Health Care Delivery2
 Interprofessional Electivevar.
Fall Semester 
PT-728Imaging/ Electro Diagnosis2
PT-740Clinical Practicum*8
PT-766Evidence Based Practice III1
PT-752Motor Development2
 *First 8 weeks of semester13
Spring Semester 
PT-733Prosthetics and Orthotics1.5
PT-751Integumentary Physical Therapy2
PT-755Neuromuscular I3
PT-755LNeuromuscular I Lab3
PT-757PT for Older Adults3
Third Year
Summer Semester
PT-717Differential Diagnosis in PT2
PT-756Neuromuscular II3
PT-756LNeuromuscular II Lab2
PT-760LPediatrics Lab1
PT-761Practice Management2
PT-762Clinical Reasoning and Practice2
Fall Semester 
PT-741Clinical Practicum II*8
PT-754Health Promotion and Disease Prevention1
PT-760Pediatrics cont. (5weeks) 
PT-760LPediatrics Lab cont. (5weeks) 
PT-762LClinical Reasoning and Practice Lab1
PT-763PT Professional Issues2
 * last 8 weeks of semester 
Spring Semester 
PT-742Clinical Practicum III8
PT-743Clinical Practicum IV8
PT-767Evidence Based Practice IV1


Interprofessional Core Courses are in bold
Total Credit Hours - 126.5 Required
Didactic Credit Hours - 94.5 Required
Clinical Credit Hours - 32


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