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Master of Science in Occupational Therapy | Curriculum

In response to ever-changing needs in a variety of practice environments, the curriculum is evaluated regularly to prepare students for the clinical, administrative and research demands of the profession. Prospective applicants are advised to contact the department for any updates which may alter prerequisites and curriculum requirements.


YearSemesterCourseCredit Hours
1SummerOT-716Human Anatomy5
  OT-545LSurface Anatomy Lab1
  OT-612Introduction to Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy2
  OT-659OT Clinical Correlate (Occupation)1
   Total Semester Hours9
  OT-644Occupational Performance for Musculoskeletal Conditions I3
  OT-644LOccupational Performance for Musculoskeletal Conditions I Lab2
  OT-601Occupational Performance in Pediatrics I 3
  OT-601LOccupational Performance in Pediatrics I Lab1
  OT-667Evidence Based Practice I2
  IP-710 Transforming Health care2
   Total Semester Hours17
  OT-646Occupational Performance for Musculoskeletal Conditions II4
  OT-646LOccupational Performance for Musculoskeletal Conditions II Lab2
  OT-602Occupational Performance in Pediatrics II3
  OT-602L Occupational Performance in Pediatrics II Lab2
  OT-522OT Clinical Correlate (Pediatrics)1
  OT-530OT for Neuro Cond I2
  OT-530LOT for Neuro Cond I Lab1
  OT-668Evidence Based Practice II1
   Total Semester Hours19
2SummerOT-606Occupational Performance for Neurological Conditions II1
  OT-606LOccupational Performance for Neurological Conditions II Lab1
  OT-604OT Performance/Psychosocial Practice I1
  OT-604LOT Perform/Psychosocial Practice Lab I1
  OT-639Delivery and Management of Occupational Therapy3
  OT-603Occupational Performance in Geriatrics2
  OT-661OT Clinical Correlate (Geriatrics)1
   Total Semester Hours10+
2FallOT-510 Professional Issues in Occupational Therapy2
  OT-608 Occ Perf. Neuro Cond. III3
  OT-608LOcc. Perf. Neuro. Cond. III LAB1
  OT-638Occupational Performance for Psychosocial Practice II2
  OT-520OT Clinical Correlate (Psychosocial Practice)1
  OT-625 OT Clinical Correlate (Physical Dysfunction)1
  OT-622Synthesis and Application of Clinical Skills1
   Total Semester Hours11+
2SpringOT-640 Clinical Practicum I12
   Total Semester Hours12
2SummerOT-641Clinical Practicum II12
  OT-698 Professional Capstone Seminar1
   Total Semester Hours13
   Total Credit Hours91
  OT-561Research/Scholarship Experience in Occupational Therapy I1
  OT-562Research/Scholarship Experience in Occupational Therapy II2
  OT-627 Clinical Anatomy of the Upper Limb1
  OT-664Instructional Processes1-3v
  OT-695Community Based Practice1-3v
  OT 636 Advanced Treatment Techniques1-3v
  OT 637Special Topics in Occupational Therapy1-3v
  OT 681Independent Study in Occupational Therapy1-3v


Last Published with Edits:April 24, 2018 8:36 AM
Last Comprehensive Review: June 2016
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