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Endodontics | Curriculum

The twenty-six (26) month curriculum is structured to create a balanced course load, adequate time for broadening the student’s clinical experience, and an opportunity for students to gain research experience in an area of special interest.

The Master of Science in Dentistry will only be offered in conjunction with a dental clinical specialty Certificate program offered by the College of Dental Medicine.  A student may not enroll in the Master of Science in Dentistry program if not also concurrently enrolled in a dental specialty program.

The format outlined below is subject to change based on availability of courses, instructors, and continued relevance to the overall curriculum.

First YearCredit Hours
Summer Semester
GDENT-700Introduction to Clinics6
Fall Semester
GDENT-800Research Methodologies2
GDENT-801Teaching Methodologies1.5
GENDO-701Adv. Endodontics Techniques2
GENDO-710Adv. Clinical Endodontics I2
GENDO-713Teaching Preceptorship IA2.5
GENDO-726Adv. Conjoint Seminar IA.5
GENDO-730Adv. Treatment Planing IA1
GENDO-735Adv. Biology of Endodontics IA1
GENDO-740Adv. Endodontics Therapy IA1
GENDO-745Topical Literature Review IA2
GENDO-750Adv. Special Topics IA2
STOMA-878Oral Medicine2
Spring Semester
GENDO-711Adv. Clinical Endodontics IB2
GENDO-714Teaching Preceptorship IB1
GENDO-727Adv. Conjoint Seminar IB.5
GENDO-731Adv. Treatment Planning IB2
GENDO-736Adv. Biology of Endodontics IB2
GENDO-741Adv. Endodontic Therapy IB2
GENDO-746Topical Literature Review IB2
GENDO-751Adv. Special Topics IB2
STOMA-861Graduate Dental Core3
STOMA-868Advanced Oral Pathology2
Second Year
Summer Semester
GDENT-807Statistical Methods2
GDENT-834Advanced Radiology2
GENDO-702Advanced Clinical Rotation1
GENDO-712Adv. Clinical Endodontics II2
GENDO-715Teaching Preceptoship IC1
GENDO-732Adv. Treatment Planning IC1
GENDO-737Adv. Biology of Endodontics IC1
GENDO-742Adv. Endodontic Therapy IC1
GENDO-747Topical Literature Review IC2
GENDO-752Adv. Special Topics IC2
GENDO-755Adv. Conjoint Seminar IA.5
Fall Semester
GENDO-720Adv Clinical Endodontics IIA2
GENDO-723Teaching Preceptorship IIA1
GENDO-756Adv Conjoint Seminar IIB.5
GENDO-760Adv Treatment Planning IIA1
GENDO-765Advance Biology of Endo IIA1
GENDO-770Advance Endo Therapy IIA1
GENDO-775Topical Literature Review IIA2
GENDO-780Adv Special Topics IIA2
STOMA-842Practice Administration2
Spring Semester
GENDO-721Adv Clinical Endodontics IIB2
GENDO-724Teaching Preceptorship IIB1
GENDO-761Adv Treatment Planning IIB2
GENDO-766Adv Biology of Endodontic IIB2
GENDO-771Adv Endodontic Therapy IIB2
GENDO-776Topical Literature Review IIB2
GENDO-781Adv Special Topics IIC2
Summer Semester
GENDO-722Adv Clinical Endodontics IIC2
GENDO-762Adv Treatment Planning IIC1
GENDO-767Adv Biology of Endodontic IIC1
GENDO-772Adv Endodontic Therapy IIC1
GENDO-777Topical Literature Review IIC2
GENDO-782Adv Special Topics IIC2
Total Clinic Credit Hours18.5
Total Core Credit Hours27
Total Didactic53
Total Program Hours98.5



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