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College of Dental Medicine

Endodontics | Curriculum

The twenty-six (26) month curriculum is structured to create a balanced course load, adequate time for broadening the student’s clinical experience, and an opportunity for students to gain research experience in an area of special interest.

The Master of Science in Dentistry will only be offered in conjunction with a dental clinical specialty Certificate program offered by the College of Dental Medicine.  A student may not enroll in the Master of Science in Dentistry program if not also concurrently enrolled in a dental specialty program.

The format outlined below is subject to change based on availability of courses, instructors, and continued relevance to the overall curriculum.

YearSemesterCourseCredit Hours
1SummerGDENT-700Introduction to Clinics5
  GENDO-707Endodontic Research I1
   Total Semester Hours6
1FallGDENT-800Research Methodologies2
  GDENT-801Teaching Methodologies1.5
  GENDO-708Endodontic Research II1
  GENDO-710Clinical Endodontics I6
  GENDO-713Teaching Preceptorship I1.5
  STOMA-878Oral Medicine2
   Total Semester Hours14.5
1SpringGENDO-709Endodontic Research III1
  GENDO-711Clinical Endodontics II6
  STOMA-861Graduate Dental Core3
  STOMA-868Advanced Oral Pathology2
   Total Semester Hours12
2SummerGDENT-807Statistical Methods2
  GDENT-834Advanced Radiology2
  GENDO-712Adv. Clinical Endodontics I5
  GENDO-717Adv. Endodontics Research I1
   Total Semester Hours10
2FallGENDO-718Adv. Endodontics Research II1
  GENDO-720Adv. Clinical Endodontics II6
  GENDO-723Adv. Teaching Preceptorship1.5
  STOMA-842Practice Administration2
   Total Semester Hours6.5
2SpringGENDO-719Adv. Endodontics Research III1
  GENDO-721Adv. Clinical Endodontics III6
   Total Semester Hours7
3SummerGENDO-722Adv. Clinical Endodontics IV5
   Total Semester Hours6
   Total Credit Hours62



Last Published with Edits:May 3, 2017 12:19 PM
Last Comprehensive Review:July 2016