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Periodontics | Curriculum

The curriculum is structured to allow for a balanced work load, time for broadening of the student’s clinical experience, and an opportunity for students to gain additional experience in areas of special interest.

The Master of Science in Dentistry will only be offered in conjunction with a dental clinical specialty program.  There will be no instance in which a student will be enrolled in the Master of Science in Dentistry program if not also and concurrently enrolled in a dental specialty program.

The Curricula outlined below are subject to change based on availability of courses, instructors and continued relevance of the course to the Curriculum.

Common Courses for all Post-doctoral Programs
To be taken in 2-3 years.

Course Name

Course Number

Credit Hours

Research MethodologyGDENT 8002
Statistical MethodsGDENT 8072
Graduate Dental CoreSTOMA 8612
Advanced RadiologyGDENT 8342
Advanced Oral and 
Maxillofacial PathologySTOMA 8682
NutritionGDENT 8030.5
Oral MedicineSTOMA 8782
Research/ThesisSTOMA 8994
(repeated 4 semesters)
Practice ManagementSTOMA 8422
Teaching MethodsGDENT 8012

Total Core Credit Hours  


Didactic Courses Specific to Post-doctoral Periodontics Program
To be taken in 3 years.

Course Name

Course NumberCredit Hours
Advanced Periodontology (ADVP I)STOMA 8642
Advanced Periodontology (ADVP II)STOMA 8652
Advanced Periodontology (ADVP III)STOMA 8662
Advanced Periodontology (ADVP IV)STOMA 8672
Conscious SedationSTOMA 8754
Oral Histopathology ISTOMA 8831
Oral Histopathology IISTOMA 8841
Advanced ImplantologySTOMA 9952
Adjunctive OrthodonticsPEDOR 8881
Dental ImplantologyRMPRO 8301
Oral Immunology- Oral BiologyMBIM 6243.5
Periodontal MicrobiologySTOMA *2
Advances in Periodontal ImmunopathologySTOMA 8631
Molecular BiologySTOMA 8762
Total Didactic Credit Hours  26.5

*to be determined

Clinical Periodontology Courses
To be taken in 3 years.

Course Name

Offered in

Credit Hours

Clinical Periodontology IASummer Year 1   1-2
Clinical Periodontology IBFall Year 1   1-2
Clinical Periodontology ICSpring Year 1   1-2
Clinical Periodontology IIASummer Year 2   1-2
Clinical Periodontology IIBFall Year 2   1-2
Clinical Periodontology IICSpring Year 2   1-2
Clinical Periodontology IIIASummer Year 3   1-2
Clinical Periodontology IIIBFall Year 3   1-2
Clinical Periodontology IIICSpring Year 3   1-2
Teaching Preceptorship IAFall Year 10.5
Teaching Preceptorship IBSpring Year 10.5
Teaching Preceptorship IIAFall Year 20.5
Teaching Preceptorship IIBSpring Year 20.5
Teaching Preceptorship IIIAFall Year 30.5
Teaching Preceptorship IIIBSpring Year 30.5
Total Clinic Credit Hours  12.0-21
Total Core Credit Hours18.5
Total Diadictic Credit Hours26.5
Total Clinic Credit Hours57-66
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Last Comprehensive Review: Fall 2013

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