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Periodontics | Curriculum

The curriculum is structured to allow for a balanced work load, time for broadening of the student’s clinical experience, and an opportunity for students to gain additional experience in areas of special interest.

The Master of Science in Dentistry will only be offered in conjunction with a dental clinical specialty program.  There will be no instance in which a student will be enrolled in the Master of Science in Dentistry program if not also and concurrently enrolled in a dental specialty program.

The Curricula outlined below are subject to change based on availability of courses, instructors and continued relevance of the course to the Curriculum.

Year 1Credit Hours
Fall Semester
GDENT-800Research Methodologies2
GDENT-801Teaching Methods2
STOMA-700Treatment Planning Seminar1
STOMA-711Clinical Periodontology IB2
STOMA-713Teaching Preceptorship IA.5
STOMA-864Advanced Periodontology I2
STOMA-878Oral Medicine2
Spring Semester
PEDOR-888Adj Ortho Proced/Adult Rest Th1
RMPRO-830Implant Dentistry1
STOMA-712Clinical Periodontology IC2
STOMA-714Teaching Preceptorship IB.5
STOMA-861Graduate Dental Core2
STOMA-865Advanced Periodontology II2
STOMA-868Advanced Oral Pathology2
Summer Semester
GDENT-807Statistical Methods2
GDENT-834Advanced Radiology2
STOMA-700Treatment Planning Seminar1
STOMA-712Clinical Periodontology IIA1
Year 2
Fall Semester
STOMA-721Clinical Periodontology IIB1-2
STOMA-723Teaching Preceptorship IIA.5
STOMA-876Molecular Biology2
Spring Semester
STOMA-722Clinical Periodontology IIC1-2
STOMA-724Teaching Preceptorship IIB.5
STOMA-842Practice Administration2
STOMA-866Advanced Periodontology III2
Summer Semester
STOMA-730Clinical Periodontology IIIA1-2
STOMA-883Oral Histopathology I1
Year 3
Fall Semester
STOMA-731Clinical Periodontology IIIB2
STOMA-733Teaching Preceptorship IIIA.5
STOMA-867Advanced Periodontology IV2
Spring Semester
STOMA-701Periodontal Microbiology2
STOMA-734Teaching Preceptorship IIIB.5
STOMA-732Clinical Periodontology IIIC2
STOMA-875Conscious Sedation4
STOMA-995Advanced Implantology II2
Total Clinic Credit Hours12-21
Total Core Credit Hours18.5
Total Didactic Credit Hours21
Total Program Credit Hours51.5-60.5



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