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Doctor of Dental Medicine | Curriculum

Four-Year Curriculum Schedule
The curriculum is structured to allow for a balanced work load, time for remediation of weak students, a broadening of the student’s clinical experience, and an opportunity for the honor student to gain additional experience in areas of special interest. The first two years concentrate on preclinical dental science courses, but clinical observations and experiences are incorporated. The final two years concentrate on clinical practice.

Freshman Year

Transforming Health Care
Dental Biochemistry
Introduction to Dentistry

Gross and Neuroanatomy
Dental Morphology
Basic and Oral Histology
Biochemical Aspects of Oral Biology
Preclinical Occlusion I
Fixed Prosthodontics I
Behavioral Science
Preventive Dentistry
Dental Materials I
Early Clinics I and II
Oral Immunology/Biology
Dental Microbiology
Pre-Clinical Occlusion
Periodontics I
Implant Prosthodontics I

Sophomore Year

Endodontics Technique and Rationale
Pre-Clinical Restorative Competency

Pediatric Dentistry I and II
Operative Dentistry I and II
Fixed Prosthodontics II
Oral Surgery I
Early Clinics III and IV
Oral Radiology - Intro, Interpretation and Technique
Pain Control and Anxiety in Dentistry
Oral Medicine I and II
Basic Endodontics
Periodontics II
General and Systemic Pathology
Orthodontics I and II
Fixed Prosthodontics III and IV
Complete Dentures Prosthodontics I and II
Removable Partial Prosthodontics


Junior Year

Clincial Genetics
Independent Project

Pediatric/Orthodontics Lab
Periodontics III and IV
Practice Management I
Physical Diagnosis
Junior Clinics
Jr. Treatment Plan Clinic I, II, and III
Endodontics Special Topics
Oral Pathology I and II
Cont. Quality Improvement I and II
Junior Attendance I, II and III
Pediatric Dentistry III
Orientation to Clinics
Implant Prosthodontics II
Public Health
Dental Implantology
Technical Assessment I
Clinical Pathophysiology of Common Medical Conditions


Senior Year

Clinical Diagnostic Conference
Geriatric Dentistry
Senior Clinics
Medical University Hospital Rotation in Oral Surgery
Oral Surgery Rotation
Oral Diagnosis Rotation
Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Clinical
Cont. Quality Improvement III and IV
Senior Attendance I, II and III
Practice Management II
Esthetic Dentistry
Dental Materials II
Special Seminars
Advanced Treatment Planning
East Cooper Community Outreach
Coastal Central Rotation
Greenville Tech. Rotation
Treatment Planning Clinic I, II and III
Senior Radiology: Adv. Topics
Technical Assessment I
Technical Assessment II
Advanced Concepts in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
Our Lady of Mercy Rotation
Horry Georgetown Rotation


Advanced Seminar I, II and III
Clinical Practicum in Ortho
SC Rural Interdisciplinary Program of Training
Telehealth Teams of the Future
Special Projects in Patient Safety
Intro to Clinical Dental Research
Mentored Dental Research Project
Topics in Oral Health Sciences
Oral Health Sciences Seminars
Special Topics in Removable Prosthodontics
Character Driven Leadership
Advanced Behavior Management for Child Patient
Palmetto Health Richland
Clinical Practicum in Ortho
Alternative Medicine Herbals
Diagnosis and Managemetn of Orofacial Pain
IP-Cares Clinic
Topics in Craniofacial Biology
Craniofacial Biology Seminar Series
Volunteers in Medicine Clinical Rotation
Forensic Odontology




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