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Academic Degree Programs and Majors

The University offers through its six colleges the following degree programs:


CIP CodeProgram CodeProgram Name
510401DD.DMDDoctor of Dental Medicine
510502DM.ENDOMS in Dentistry - Endodontics
510502DM.ORTHOMS in Dentistry - Orthodontics
510502DM.PEDSMS in Dentistry - Pediatrics
510502DM.PERIOMS in Dentistry - Periodontics
510503DM.ORSCMS in Oral Sciences
by each degreeDP.DMDDMD/PhD 


CIP CodeProgram CodeProgram Name
519999GC.CCRClinical Research Certificate (Post-Baccalaureate)
260102GM.BSCMS in Medical Sciences
260102GM.MBS.ANATMS in Biomedical Science - Anatomy & Cell Biology
260102GM.MBS.BIOINMS in Biomedical Science - Biomedical Informatics
260102GM.MBS.BIOSTMS in Biomedical Science - Biostatistics
260102GM.MBS.BMBMS in Biomedical Science - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
260102GM.MBS.EPIMS in Biomedical Science - Epidemiology
260102GM.MBS.MBIMMS in Biomedical Science - Microbiology & Immunology
260102GM.MBS.NEUROMS in Biomedical Science - Neuroscience
260102GM.MBS.PATHMS in Biomedical Science - Experimental Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
260102GM.MBS.PCOLMS in Biomedical Science - Cell & Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
511401GM.MCRMS in Clinical Research
511401GM.MCR.EXECMS in Clinical Research - Executive
511401GM.MCR.SPTMS in Clinical Research - SPTCR
 GM.UNDMS in Biomedical Science - Undeclared (Application Code Only)
512706GP.BDSIPhD in Biomedical Data Sciences and Informatics (Joint Degree w/ Clemson)
261103GP.BIOMIPhD in Biomedical Imaging
261102GP.BIOSTPhD in Biostatistics
260202GP.BMBPhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
512003GP.DDPhD in Drug Discovery
512003GP.DD.PHMPhD in Drug Discovery - Post PharmD 
261309GP.EPIPhD in Epidemiology
260503GP.MBIMPhD in Immunology & Microbiology
260499GP.MCBPPhD in Molecular & Cell Biology & Pathology
261501GP.NEUROPhD in Neuroscience
261501GP.PCOLPhD in Cell & Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
 GP.UNDPhD - Undeclared (Application Code Only)


CIP CodeProgram CodeProgram Name
513804HM.AFNMS in Nurse Anesthesia
510901HM.CVPMS in Cardiovascular Perfusion - Entry Level
510901HM.CVPTMS in Cardiovascular Perfusion - Post Professional
512706HM.HINMS in Health Informatics
510701HM.MHA.EXECMaster of Health Administration - Executive 
510701HM.MHA.RESMaster of Health Administration - Residential 
510912HM.PAMS in Physician Assistant Studies
512399HM.RHOTMS in Occupational Therapy
513804HP.AFN.POSTBDoctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice - PostB
513804HP.AFN.POSTMDoctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice - PostM
510701HP.DHADoctor of Health Administration
510701HP.DHA.IPDoctor of Health Admin - Interprofessional Studies
510701HP.DHA.ISLDoctor of Health Admin - Info Sys Leadership
 HP.HRSPhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science (Application Code Only)
512399HP.HRS.POSTMPhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science - PostM (Entry)
512399HP.HRS.FLPhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science - Functional Limitations
512399HP.HRS.HSPhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science - Health Services
512399HP.HRS.PIPhD in Health & Rehabilitation Science - Pathology and Impairment
512306HP.OTDDoctor of Occupational Therapy
512306HP.OTD.PPDoctor of Occupational Therapy - Post Professional
512308HP.PTDoctor of Physical Therapy
510000HU.HCSBS in Healthcare Studies


CIP CodeProgram CodeProgram Name
511201MD.MDDoctor of Medicine
511201MD.MDAPDoctor of Medicine - Accelerated Medical Pathway
261309MM.PHEPIMaster of Public Health - Epidemiology
512207MM.PHHBPMaster of Public Health - Health Behavior & Health Promotion
261102MM.PHSTAMaster of Public Health - Biostatistics
by each degreeMP.BMBMD/PhD in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
by each degreeMP.DDMD/PhD in Drug Discovery
by each degreeMP.MBIMMD/PhD in Immunology & Microbiology
by each degreeMP.MCBPMD/PhD in Molecular & Cell Biology & Pathology
by each degreeMP.NEUROMD/PhD in Neuroscience
by each degreeMP.PCOLMD/PhD in Cell & Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
 MP.UNDMD/PhD - Undeclared (Application Code Only)


CIP CodeProgram CodeProgram Name
513803NM.ANP.POSTBMS in Nursing - Adult Gero NP Primary Care: PostB (DNP Stop Out)
513803NM.FNP.POSTBMS in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner: PostB (DNP Stop Out)
513803NM.PNP.POSTBMS in Nursing - Pediatric NP Primary Care: PostB (DNP Stop Out)
513818NP.ANP.POSTBDNP - Adult Nurse Practitioner: PostB
513818NP.APN.POSTMDNP - Advanced Practice Nurse: PostM
513818NP.ELI.POSTBDNP - Executive Leadership and Innovation: PostB
513818NP.ELI.POSTMDNP - Executive Leadership and Innovation: PostM
513818NP.FNP.POSTBDNP - Family Nurse Practitioner: PostB
513808NP.NURS.POSTBPhD in Nursing: PostB
513808NP.NURS.POSTMPhD in Nursing: PostM
513808NP.PMH.POSTBDNP - Psychiatric Mental Health: PostB
513808NP.PMH.POSTMDNP - Psychiatric Mental Health: PostM
513808NP.PNP.POSTBDNP - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner: PostB
513801NU.BSAccelerated BS in Nursing


CIP CodeProgram CodeProgram Name
512001PC.CPPClinical Pharmacy Practice Certificate
512001PD.ENTRYDoctor of Pharmacy


XM.CLEMBioengineering Program with Clemson
XM.NDSDMNon Degree Seeking - Dental Med - Graduate Level
XM.NDSGSNon Degree Seeking - Graduate Studies - Graduate Level
XM.NDSHPNon Degree Seeking - Health Professions - Graduate Level
XM.NDSMDNon Degree Seeking - Medicine - 1st Professional
XM.NDSNRNon Degree Seeking - Nursing - Graduate Level
XM.NDSPHNon Degree Seeking - Pharmacy - Graduate Level
XU.NDSHPNon Degree Seeking - Health Professions - Undergrad
XU.NDSNRNon Degree Seeking - Nursing - Undergrad
XX.NDSGS.CHECSouth Carolina Cancer Health Equity Consortium (SC CHEC)
XX.NDSGS.CURESouth Carolina Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience (SC CURE)
XM.NDSGS.PREPPost-baccalaureate Research Education (PREP)
XX.NDSGS.SURPSummer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)
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