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Admission Process

Admission to undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs is administered through the Office of Enrollment Management. On-line application forms are available from this office. Decisions regarding eligibility for admission and offers of admission are made solely through each separate college. However, all contact between applicants and the University should originate with Enrollment Management.

Factors considered to determine eligibility for admission include the applicant’s previous academic success, work previously completed, and the demonstrated ability of the applicant to ascertain both those cognitive and non-cognitive traits necessary and desirable in health professionals. The Medical University seeks to assure diversity among its applicants and in its student body. The Medical University of South Carolina does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or marital status in the administration of admission policies, educational policies, financial aid, or any other university activity. Any applicant with a disability needing reasonable accommodation during any stage of the admission process is invited to contact Enrollment Management in advance of that accommodation.

Application filing deadlines vary by program. Admission is for the fall semester only in medicine and pharmacy. Spring or fall semester admission is an option in graduate studies, in some programs in the College of Health Professions, and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. Summer admission is required of all incoming students in dental medicine, rehabilitation sciences, and physician assistant programs. Other programs in nursing and in health professions begin in the fall. Program filing periods are available at

To be reviewed and considered for admission, all applicants must file their application with a non-refundable processing fee. All materials submitted in support of the admission process become the exclusive property of the University and cannot be returned to the student or duplicated for any purpose. These materials usually include but are not limited to official transcripts of all prior graduate and undergraduate work, letters of recommendation, and national test scores.

Applicants are only considered for the semester and the program they specify on the application form. Changes require an applicant to refile an application and to pay an additional filing fee. Deferrals in the anticipated enrollment date requested after acceptance of the admission offer are made only with the approval of the program involved. The accepted applicant must complete the applicant response form and pay the matriculation fee to hold their place in the program as well as meet any conditions of their acceptance.

Academic preparation (in the form of transfer credits, diplomas, or degrees) required for entrance into any of the programs at the Medical University must ordinarily have been earned at an institution which has been accorded accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, Inc. (SACS COC), which can be contacted at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA, 30033-4097, telephone (404) 679-4500, or another regional accrediting body of similar rank. In addition, the committee on admissions of the respective Medical University college may require a recognized examination such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the American College Test (ACT), the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Dental Admission Test (DAT), the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and recognized national professional board examinations. Entrance test code numbers for the Medical University are as follows:

 College Entrance Examination Board (SAT)R5407
 American College Test (ACT)6440
 College Level Examination Program5407
 Dental Admission Test85
 Graduate Record ExaminationR5407
 Medical College Admission Test165
 Pharmacy College Admission Test061
 Graduate Management Admission Test5407
 Test of English as a Foreign Language5407

The admissions committee of a particular college of the Medical University may consider an applicant from a non-accredited institution in competition with other applicants if it determines that the applicant’s academic preparation meets the entrance requirements of the college.

Detailed admission requirements for each program are listed under the separate college sections of this Bulletin. Non-residents of the state of South Carolina and international students are granted admission to most programs in very limited numbers. The Medical University is a state-assisted institution and preference is awarded to applicants who are residents of South Carolina. Therefore, while non-residents are considered for admission, superior credentials are usually necessary for acceptance. Applicants residing out-of-state who claim classification as residents of South Carolina are required to submit all supporting documents to Enrollment Management postmarked or delivered by July 1 for the fall semester and by November 1 for the spring and summer semesters. Documents received after that date will be reviewed for the following semester. There is no provision for retroactive non-resident fee adjustment except in instances of error by the University.

Applicants must be residents of the state at the time they file their applications for admission in order to be considered using in-state eligibility criteria and/or at the time they wish to pay in-state tuition. State residency is determined based on the South Carolina Code of Laws governing residency using guidance from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. Generally, a resident student for tuition and fee purposes is defined as one who has been domiciled in South Carolina continuously for at least twelve (12) months immediately preceding the first day of classes and for whom there is an absence of such evidence in other states during the same period. Students seeking classification or reclassification as residents of South Carolina will be asked to complete a series of forms, to be submitted within the deadlines mentioned in the paragraph above. Details of the residency process and the South Carolina Code of Laws governing residency can be found at

MUSC is authorized to offer its online degree programs to residents of certain states. If you are accepted into an online degree program, at the time of your application we have confirmed that we are authorized to offer that degree program to residents of your state.  Should you wish to change your state of legal residence during your enrollment at MUSC, it is your responsibility to make sure that MUSC is authorized to offer your online degree program in that state.

Conditional admission is a status assigned to those applicants who have not yet fulfilled all admission requirements because of extenuating circumstances. However, there must be a preponderance of evidence of eligibility. Conditions for clearing this conditional status are established by the college of enrollment at the time of admission.

Advanced standing is granted for undergraduate transfer applicants with 60 or more semester transferable units and who otherwise meet academic eligibility requirements. Credit determination is made by Enrollment Management staff in consultation with appropriate faculty. It is the student’s responsibility to report to Enrollment Management at the time of application for admission all college-level course work completed outside the Medical University of South Carolina. Omitting such information may result in withdrawal of the admission decision.

Credit by examination is allowed on a limited basis. To be eligible, students must be matriculated and must meet specific conditions of the college. Students entering the College of Nursing or the College of Health Professions may also receive credit through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). Maximums allowed are described in the college section of this bulletin. Semester credits awarded according to the CLEP scores received follow the guidelines of the American Council on Education.

Graduate and professional applicants entering with completed graduate/professional degree work may receive advanced standing. However, this is highly unusual and decisions are made within the appropriate college dean’s office according to various and complex criteria.

Admission to candidacy for graduation is not implied when admission to study is granted. Students seeking to graduate must apply to their college dean in the semester prior to their intended graduation.

Auditors and applicants not seeking a degree must complete each semester the “Non-degree Seeking Student Application” form, available from Enrollment Management. Permissions from the instructor and the dean of the college in which the course is to be taken must be received. The filing fee includes an application fee and an access fee; it is non-refundable. Non-degree seeking student applications are processed only between the sixth calendar date after classes begin and up to the drop/add deadline. Such students will be allowed to enroll in any term only as part-time students, unless by approval of the dean of the college in which the courses of enrollment occur.

Applicants seeking admission to the dual degree programs (MD/PhD and DMD/PhD) must meet admission requirements for both degree programs. Degrees are awarded concurrently.

All applicants who choose to accept an offer of admission must do so in writing within four weeks after admission is offered. This acceptance must be accompanied with a matriculation fee, required of each accepting applicant. Without payment, admission is not confirmed by the University. The matriculation fee is non-refundable.

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