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MUSC Bulletin | Interprofessional Programs

Interprofessional Courses | Introduction

It is the intent of the University to encourage the development and offering of interprofessional courses. Each professional program at the University is designed to instill the knowledge, skill, and values that are shared by all health professionals and that can be learned best within the context of interprofessional education and practice. Courses that are constructed with this goal in mind are open to all students. They present opportunities for dialogue and collaboration that focus on effective professional performance in an ever-evolving health care environment. Issues of access to care, economics and management of the system, and cost and quality of health care are addressed in ambulatory and community-based (both urban and rural) practice settings which have become part of the curriculum. These courses are typically taught by a team of faculty from two or more disciplines.

Current interprofessional course offerings are described in the menu link on the left.

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