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MUSC Bulletin | Introduction

Affiliated Institutions

The Veterans Administration Medical Center, a 401-bed general medical and surgical hospital, was completed in 1966. It is a Dean’s Committee hospital and maintains a close liaison between its staff and the staff at the Medical University.

The South Carolina Department of Mental Retardation Coastal Region Center is a 460-bed facility, located on the outskirts of Summerville, with a diagnostic and screening clinic located on the campus of the Medical University. The College of Dental Medicine and the Habilitation Center have developed a close liaison whereby the College of Dental Medicine participates in the oral health care of the patients of the Center. This participation affords the College of Dental Medicine an opportunity to offer training to the dental students and residents in the highly specialized problems of oral health which the patients of this Center present.

Four institutions located at Fort Johnson in nearby James Island share a cooperative alliance with the department of Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences of the College of Graduate Studies. The Marine Resources Research Institute represents one of the largest sections within the Marine Resources Division of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has a National Biomonitoring Specimen Bank dedicated to banking marine environmental specimens. The Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research conducts interdisciplinary research to resolve issues related to coastal ecosystems health and environmental quality, including public health impacts. The Grice Marine Laboratory of the College of Charleston and the University of Charleston, SC offers additional support through teaching and research.

The Hollings Marine Laboratory houses scientists from all five Ft. Johnson institutions working collaboratively on projects. The nucleus of this state of the art facility is a series of laboratories designed specifically to study the marine environment.  

The Southeast Naval Regional Medical Center in nearby North Charleston provides clinical training for students in all colleges of the Medical University of South Carolina. The South Carolina State Hospital, located in Columbia, is also a training center for Medical University students.

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