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Bachelor of Science in Nursing | Curriculum

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program must earn 121 semester hours to complete degree requirements. The Accelerated BSN must be completed on a full time basis.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Accelerated BSN Curriculum
The upper division curricular track consists of fourteen (14) nursing courses (60 s.h.). Visual display of course credit hour allocations are standardized by lecture/didactic hours, seminar hours, clinical/lab hours in the following format: 4 s.h. (2,0,2). Contact hours per credit hour will be a ratio as follows: lecture/didactic 1:1, seminar 2:1, and clinical/lab 3:1.

YearSemesterCourseCredit Hours
1INURSU-315Health Assessment*4 (3,0,1)
  NURSU-451Pathophysiology-Pharmacology I3 (3,0,0)
  NURSU-385Professional Nursing and Nursing Practice2 (2,0,0)
  NURSU-461Foundations & Gerontologic Nursing*6 (3,0,3)
  IP-710Transforming Healthcare for the Future**2 (2,0,0)
   Total Semester Hours17
1IINURSU-452 Pathophysiology-Pharmacology II3 (3,0,0)
  NURSU-464Research & Evidenced Based Practice in Nursing3 (3,0,0)
  NURSU-387Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing*5 (3,0,2)
  NURSU-454Medical Surgical Nursing I*6 (3,0,3)
   Total Semester Hours17
1IIINURSU-417Women’s Health Nursing*5 (3,0,2)
  NURSU-405Nursing Care with Children & Their Families*5 (3,0,2)
  NURSU-409Population Focused Nursing*5 (3,0,2)
   Total Semester Hours15
2IVNURSU-372Health Care Systems and Policy**2 (2,0,0)
  NURSU-376Leadership and Management in Nursing**3 (3,0,0)
  NURSU-455Medical Surgical Nursing II Synthesis Practicum*7 (2,0,5)
   Total Semester Hours12
   Total Credit Hours61
   Total Prerequisisite Coursework Hours60
   Total Required Hours121

* - Clinical Courses
** - Online Courses


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