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Undergraduate Nursing Program | Academic Policies

Transfer of Course Credits
Course work completed at an accredited baccalaureate program prior to enrollment in the College of Nursing may be eligible for transfer credit. To be considered, a grade of “C” or better must have been earned in the course work and been completed within the previous three years. An official transcript and copy of the course syllabus must be submitted to the College of Nursing office of Student Services to determine course equivalency. Transfer credit is not granted automatically and is restricted to didactic courses with no clinical component.

Academic Honors: Dean’s List
At the end of each fall and spring semester, a Dean’s List is compiled, listing the names of students who carried 10 or more semester hours and earned a GPA of 3.5 or above.

Academic Probation
When a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.0, the student will be placed on academic probation. To be removed from academic probation, the student must raise the cumulative GPA to 2.0 by the end of the next semester. The student must also successfully complete the nursing course in which a grade below 2.0 was earned. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the program.

Academic Warnings
Students registered in the College of Nursing will receive written warnings of unsatisfactory theory and/or clinical performance in any nursing course. A warning will be issued at any time there is an academic (including clinical) performance issue. Students will sign the “Academic Warning Form” with an evaluation indicating areas for improvement. It will be sent to student’s faculty advisor, the Associate Dean for Academics and a copy is placed in the student’s academic record.

Dismissal from the Program
The Student Admission, Progression, and Graduation Committee will recommend to the Dean of the College of Nursing that a student be dismissed from the program if the student:

  1. Fails to register for consecutive semesters and has not requested a leave of absence.
  2. Fails to return after the length of time of an LOA expires.
  3. Has a GPA that indicates the student will not be able to meet the 2.0 requirement for graduation or has failed two nursing courses. Note: A student must receive a passing grade on the clinical portion of a course in order to pass the course.
  4. Does not complete requirements for the degree within a 3-year period after initial registration.

Student Complaint Procedure
For your reference, the MUSC Student Complaint Procedure is found in The Bulletin  under “Academic Policies and Information” . 

Graduation Requirements
Requirements for graduation and for the award of the B.S.N. degree are as follows: 1) completion of a minimum of 121 semester credit hours, including 60 s.h. of prescribed prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or above from a regionally accredited college or university and 61 s.h. of prescribed upper division course work within 3 years of initial enrollment in the College of Nursing, 2) completion of all nursing and general education courses prescribed by the faculty, 3) completion of nursing courses with a minimum grade of 2.0 in each course, 4) attainment of a cumulative GPA of 2.0, 5) completion of at least 25 percent of semester credit hours in residence at the MUSC College of Nursing and 6) recommendation by the faculty.

An incomplete (IN) is awarded when all requirements of a course have not been completed by the end of the semester and usually due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. When an IN is given in a course that is a pre- or co-requisite to a course in which the student enrolls in the following semester, the student has until the end of the drop/add period of that following semester to complete the work and have the IN changed to a merit grade. If the student fails to remove the IN within these limits, the IN will be converted to a merit grade of 0.0. Any extension of the time period must be approved by the Admission, Progression, and Graduation Committee.

Leave of Absence
A leave of absence may be granted by the Associate Dean for Academics upon request by the student. “University Withdrawal/Leave of Absence” forms are available in the Office of Student Services. The leave will begin immediately and will apply to the semester(s) for which it is granted. After the specified time, the student will be readmitted automatically to the College. If the student does not return after the time granted by the leave of absence expires, the student will be withdrawn from the College. Typically, no more than one leave of absence will be granted during a program of study. Exceptions may be petitioned to the Admission, Progression and Graduation Committee.

Petitions for Variance from Policies
The Admission, Progression, and Graduation Committee acts on petitions from students who seek exceptions to any College of Nursing academic policy or regulation. A written request for an exception must be submitted to the Committee in care of the Office of Student Services, with supporting rationale or documentation. Petitions must be received no later than 12 Noon on the Friday before the first Monday of the month. The student will receive a letter from the Committee regarding the committee’s decision on the petition. A copy of the petition and the Committee’s reply is placed in the student’s academic record.

Readmission After Voluntary Withdrawal
All requests for readmission will be acted upon by the Admission, Progression, and Graduation Committee. Readmission to the college is not automatic.

A student who withdrew voluntarily should submit a new application for admission online. The new application should include a statement addressing the circumstances that resulted in the student’s withdrawing from the program, and reason(s) that readmission to the program is justified.

Academic Dismissal
A student who is dismissed from the program is ineligible for readmission into the College of Nursing.

Repeating a Course
A student must repeat a nursing course in which a grade of “WP,” “WF,” “WR”, or below a 2.0 was earned. A nursing course can be repeated one time only. No more than one nursing course may be repeated. Students repeating courses may not displace first-time enrollees. All courses of enrollment are shown on the official academic transcript. In computing the overall average to determine eligibility for the degree, the credit hours will be counted once but both grades included. Students who are out of sequence are subject to space availability in upper-division courses. This policy also applies to non-degree seeking students who are later admitted to the College of Nursing.

Withdrawal from the Program
When withdrawing from the program, the student notifies his/her faculty advisor and completes the “University Withdrawal/Leave of Absence” form and a “Request for Course Add and/or Drop” form (both available from the Office of Student Services). These completed forms are then forwarded to the Associate Dean for Academics and Evaluation for final approval.

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