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Bulletin of the Medical University of South Carolina


Ppresident Sothmann

A Message from the Interim President and Provost

Thank you for your interest in the Medical University of South Carolina. As you will see in the pages that follow, a wide range of educational opportunities awaits you at the Medical University. On this campus, and through affiliated programs throughout the State of South Carolina, you will find students preparing for virtually every discipline in the health professions. Although the courses and curricula are distinct, they are all bound by a common ideal - to serve society by preserving and optimizing the quality of human life.

It is an extraordinary time to be considering a career in the health professions. The pace of biomedical research has never been faster; within a few years, the sequence of the entire human genome will be known. With the benefit of this knowledge, we will be able to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases that today are deemed incurable. As you complete your studies, you will be on the cutting edge of these advances. It will be through your efforts and those of others entering the health professions today, whether in patient care, research, or public outreach, that these advances will be brought to practical application.

The faculty and staff join me in extending an invitation to you to learn more about our programs. If you do, we trust that you will discover that this university provides a supportive environment for students. As educators, we take great pride in the personal and professional accomplishments of our students and graduates. We hope that you will consider us further and wish you the best of success in your future pursuits.

Mark Sothmann, Ph.D.
Interim President and Provost

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