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Center For Academic Excellence

Center for Academic Excellence Contract

The staff of the Center for Academic Excellence agrees to the following:

We agree to provide adequate meeting space and facilities to ensure that groups function smoothly: any materials that group members or Supplemental Instructors request, we will attempt to provide as soon as possible.

We agree to meet with any group member or tutor to discuss any aspect of the supplemental instruction programs. We will attempt to resolve any conflicts within groups through a) meetings with group members/tutors b) changes in group composition or c) setting up one-on-one tutorial sessions.

We agree to keep course professors apprised of the successes and difficulties that students have learning course material. This will be accomplished through the tutor’s “Supplemental Instruction Group Report Form.” Any participant in the group may set up a time with CAE faculty to read these reports (from his/her group only).

We agree to provide students with any additional help they may need through individual appointments with CAE faculty. This additional help may include but is not limited to learning style assessments, study skills, reading skills, test/exam taking skills, time management, research skills, and writing skills.


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