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Center For Academic Excellence

Supplemental Instruction Group Contract

As you know, participation in supplemental instruction groups is voluntary. As you probably can recognize, however, engaged and consistent participation by every member of the group is essential for its success. To ensure that these groups are successful, we hope that each group member will agree to abide by the following guidelines.

I understand that study sessions integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn: as we review course content, we will be applying various study strategies and techniques (e.g., from note-taking to graphic organization, from vocabulary acquisition to test preparation).

I agree to come prepared to every group meeting. I will be prepared to explain those topics or concepts I know well, and I will be prepared to ask questions about those things I do not understand.

I understand that by explaining concepts to other group members, I learn these concepts better myself. Therefore, I further understand that all students in a group participate in the teaching of all other students in that group.

I understand that the role of our Supplemental Instructor is to act as a facilitator. As such, he/she will not only answer questions about course content but will also engage members of the group in questioning, answering and discussing course issues with one another.

I agree to attend all group meetings over the course of the semester. If I am unable to attend a session, I will call one of the Center for Academic Excellence faculty at 792-6390 to explain why. I understand that by missing more than two meetings, I jeopardize my right to participate in supplemental instruction sessions. If I miss two meetings, I will schedule a meeting with a CAE Faculty member to discuss my participation

SI Group Participant



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