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CAE | Quick and Easy APA Publications Manual Reference

Given the length and complexity of the APA Publication Manual (Fourth Edition), we thought you might find this index helpful. Topics include those that writers are most likely to need. When they are indicated, study the sample paper and examples as format models.

TopicPage Number
abbreviations80-89especially page 83, section 3.21, on first spelling terms out.
active vs. passive32section 2.06
ampersand (&)170paragraph 1
book reference form201-207
citation of a source that was originally found in yet another source!200-1example 22
et al.168-9section 3.95
first page of text251
section 4.17
sample paper
footnotes163section 3.87
heading levels91-3sections 3.31and 3.32
interviews173section 3.102
numbers (to spell or not)99-103sections 3.42-3.44
online sources218-222See also CAE handout.
order of paper240section 4.05
page headerssection 4.06, paragraphs 2-3
sample paper
page numbers241section 4.06,
paragraph 1
periodical reference form194-201
quotations95-7sections 3.34-3.38
reference citations in text168-174
reference format174-222especially examples on
pages 194-222
running head258sample paper
sample paper258-268
tenses25paragraph 4
title page248-50
section 4.15
sample paper
typing instructions248-257

Developed by
Jennie Ariail, Ph.D. - Director
Tom Waldrep, Ph.D. - Director (retired)

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