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Center For Academic Excellence

Responsibilities of Supplemental Instructors

My role as a supplemental instructor is to facilitate the learning process by explaining concepts and encouraging open communication with my students. These sessions are designed to integrate how-to-learn with what-to-learn. I will ask questions and give students opportunities to respond.

I will come to each group meeting prepared to cover the subject matter previously covered in lecture by the course director.
I will keep the CAE informed of my group’s meeting times and dates by completing the “Next Meeting” appointment sheets. I’m also aware that I’m allowed to schedule only two sessions per week for two hours each session – four hours of instruction per week. I will call 24 hours in advance if I have to cancel a meeting.
I understand that the pay for conducting supplemental instruction is $10 per hour for one-to-one instruction and $12 per hour for group (2 students or more) instruction. I will write a weekly progress report that will be faxed by the CAE to the professor, or course director, and filed by the CAE. I’ve been briefed on other payment procedures and minor forms which may need to be completed through the CAE business office.
I’ve been briefed on routine procedures and paperwork required. I know where to pick-up and file my time cards, where to find out the room location for my group sessions, how to acquire supply materials and make copies, who to talk with regarding pay, how to access the CAE’s website and draft my weekly narratives and who to consult (CAE faculty) regarding student problems etc…

I will be responsible for meeting with the course director or professor once a month and documenting that meeting in my progress report. I will also meet briefly with a member of CAE faculty once a month.

I understand that I will be observed by a CAE faculty member, and I agree to meet with that faculty member following the observed session.

I will notify the Center of the date of my final session at least one week prior.

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