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Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS Services

Initial Evaluation

During your first visit with a CAPS staff member, you will receive an initial assessment interview to help determine how we can best assist you.  At the conclusion of the initial evaluation, you and the CAPS staff member will develop a set of goals and a plan of action.  An initial evaluation is typically scheduled for two hours.

Individual Counseling/Therapy

The focus of therapy is to help you address your problems, better understand yourself, and improve your coping skills so that you can enjoy greater productivity and adjustment.  Individual sessions are typically scheduled for 50 minutes.

Assessment for Testing Accommodations and Medication Management

Psychopharmacologic Assessment and Management

We are currently reviewing CAPS policies with regard to ADHD.  Because this review is in process, we are not currently beginning new care related to ADHD.  If you are currently under treatment for ADHD, you will need to continue with current treatment providers or other community providers.  If you have the MUSC AIG Student Health Insurance, care for ADHD should be covered under the policy if their conditions are met (which may include appropriate testing and pre-authorization for medications).  You can call AIG Student Health Insurance Customer Service directly at 1-888-722-1668 for information.  It may help to print out a copy of the insurance brochure to have in front of you as you talk with them.  They should be able to direct you to a list of in-network providers if you would like to review that information.  It is very important that you also talk with your providers to determine their office practices with regard to insurance coverage.  If you are covered under another insurance plan, please check with your insurance company about coverage and community providers.

Psychometric Assessment

Psychological testing is available to aid in the diagnosis of various conditions, including depression, anxiety, or problems affecting learning.

Educational Workshops

CAPS is available to facilitate student-initiated educational or support groups.  CAPS also offers a variety of workshops focusing on prevention and management of common problems in areas such as
  • test anxiety
  • stress management
  • conflict resolution
  • time management
  • communication/ interpersonal issues
  • women's/ men's professional issues
  • relationship issues
  • substance abuse


Sometimes faculty and students are concerned about what, if any, action to take if they believe a student is experiencing difficulties.  The CAPS staff will provide in-person or phone consultations to explore options and make recommendations.  The concerned faculty member or student need not identify him/herself or reveal the name of the student.  Consultation is available to 

  • students concerned about a friend or family member
  • student groups and organizations
  • faculty, administrators, and staff concerned about students
  • faculty concerned about interpersonal interactions in the classroom environment
  • departments and other MUSC offices interested in learning about student issues

Couples Therapy

Certain problems are best addressed by seeing a couple together.  CAPS provides couples therapy to any student and his/her partner involved in a significant relationship, whether married or unmarried, heterosexual, gay or lesbian.


CAPS staff members are knowledgeable about mental health resources in the Charleston area. Referral to other University services, specialty clinics, the Department of Psychiatry, and private practitioners will be made as indicated with the student's consent.

Reviewed: 6/21/2013




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