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Applications for the Master of Science in Clinical Research


The MSCR program was created to provide additional training in clinical research for professionals whose careers in academic medicine would require them to successfully obtain consistent extramural funding as principal investigators on grants and/or for investigator/industry initiated clinical research projects. These trainees will become faculty in medical schools and will embark on a career in clinical research as the team leader - the goal being that they will be successful in obtaining grants from NIH and other funding agencies.

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Application Process

All applications to the College of Graduate Studies must be submitted online. If you are unable to apply online you must petition the Office of the Dean for special accommodation explaining why you are unable to apply online.

In addition to the application itself the applicant must complete supplemental instruction materials specific to the program to which they are applying. These forms are provided via email once an application has been submitted (and are listed under Application Materials through program links above).


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