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Application for the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies


The Physician Assistant is a licensed health professional qualified by specialized academic and clinical education to perform medical tasks traditionally undertaken by physicians, while practicing with the supervision and responsibility of a licensed physician. PAs provide essential diagnostic, therapeutic, preventative, and health maintenance services in both primary and specialty care settings.

Introduced into the American health care system in the mid 1960s, the physician assistant profession was developed to increase access to healthcare in areas that are medically underserved, such as rural and inner city areas. They are cost-effective, productive members of the healthcare team.

The mission of the program leading to a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies is to educate highly competent physician assistants who are compassionate, culturally aware, and attuned to the primary health care needs of the people of SC and beyond.  They will:

  • provide quality, state-of-the-art, patient-centered health care as integral members of physician-led health care teams;
  • contribute to the development of new knowledge to improve physician assistant education and health care;
  • advocate for the physician assistant profession; and
  • help meet the health needs of the larger community through education and service.

At the completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  • elicit a detailed and accurate medical history, perform a complete physical examination, and appropriately record all pertinent data
  • perform and interpret routine diagnostic studies
  •  perform or refer appropriate patient education and counseling to address health maintenance and disease prevention
  • provide complete and accurate patient assessment in order to formulate an appropriate management plan in a variety of healthcare settings
  • facilitate the appropriate referral of patients to address their medical and social welfare needs


Prerequisites for admission to the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program include  a minimum of 91 (61specified and 30 elective) transferable semester hours earned at a regionally accredited college or university, competitive GRE scores, and a minimum cumulative, prerequisite, and math and science grade point average of 3.0 on a 4 point scale. Recommendations are found at 

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The GRE score submission is required and the GRE must be taken within the past five years.  Applicants are encouraged to take the GRE by June 15 to ensure that official scores are received by the application deadline.  

Reference letters

Three MUSC reference forms must be submitted with your application.  At least one should be from a health care provider, preferably a PA or physician.  None should be from family members or family friends.

In concert with current policies and procedures, candidates will be chosen on the basis of (1) prior academic work, (2) GRE scores, (3) recommendations, (4) evaluation of other traits and experiences desirable in future PAs, and (5) personal interview with the Admission Committee. Class selection preference will be given to interviewees with direct patient care experience.

Application Process

In addition the application itself, the applicant must also submit supplemental application materials. Supplemental application forms are available in PDF format with the application, and are also sent through email once an application is submitted. Applicants must submit official transcripts from each post-secondary school attended, and all materials must be received by the application deadline listed below. All application materials must be received by the application deadline.  Without all materials, your application will be incomplete.

Important Application Dates

Start TermApplication TypeAvailableDeadline
Summer 2017RegularJuly 1, 2016Sept 15, 2016

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