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Application Progress System

Important Message for South Carolina College of Pharmacy Students

We are currently working with changes in PharmCAS delivery methods so that we may receive your application files. Please note that your progress screen will not show we that we have received your PharmCAS application until it is resolved.


CollegeNet ID: This is the 8 digit number assigned to you through email when you applied. This is NOT your AMCAS, AADSAS, or Colleague ID.

Email: This is the most recent email address we have on file for you. This IS NOT the password you used when applying online. In most cases it is the one you gave us when filling out MUSC's online application.

What is the MUSC Application Progress System?

  • An applicant-accessible secure database, refreshed every morning with information about documents we have received and processed for your current application.
  • A quick and easy way for you to get answers to questions like "Has MUSC received my recommendation letters?" or "Has MUSC received all of my transcripts?"
  • It is NOT a way to find out if you are being invited for an interview or are being accepted into the program. Such personal correspondence is handled via telephone and mail.
  • It does NOT contain or display personally identifiable information such as telephone numbers, Social Security Numbers, names or addresses.

Having Trouble Logging In?

  • What if I don't have a CollegeNet ID?
    • Then you have not yet applied using MUSC's online application. This application progress system will not be of use to you until you do. You should apply online.
  • What if I have forgotten my CollegeNet ID?
    • Try asking CollegeNet
    • Send us an email with your name and the program and term to which you are applying. We will send your CollegeNet ID back via the most recent email address we have on file for you.
  • I know my CollegeNet ID and have tried every email address I have and it still doesn't work. What's going on?
    • If you applied within the last 2 business days (or last 7 business days if you paid by electronic check), your information may not be in the system yet. Try again later.
    • Classes may have already begun for the term to which you applied. This system is only used for applications up to the start of classes.
    • Perhaps you miss-keyed your email address when providing it to us originally. Send us an email with your name and the program and term to which you are applying and we'll sort it out.

Data provided by the Office of Enrollment Management

  • Our system will default to an MUSC email address if one has ever been assigned.



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