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Pre-Graduate Debt Management Tips

Develop a savings account for emergencies.

  • Try to pay off as much consumer debt prior to entering school.
  • Federal regulations prohibit financial aid to be used for consumer debts, such as car payments and credit card payments.

Come up with a budget.

  • You can review your average budget costs by program.
  • You can calculate and figure your personal budget costs here.

Consider finding a roommate.

  • The MUSC Student Programs and Off-Campus Housing Office have listings of people looking for roommates, off campus houses, and apartments in the community.

Consider other methods of transportation.

  • You can cut down on gas and parking expenses by carpooling with a classmate or riding public transportation, such as CARTA.

Be prepared to have at least one month’s worth of living expenses saved before you start school.

  • Financial aid refunds are available during the first two weeks of classes. Please plan accordingly.

Last Published with Edits:February 6, 2014 12:33 PM
Last Comprehensive Review:February 2014

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