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Kronos Quick Guide

Students may only submit time actually worked on the job. Hours worked is the actual amount of time an employee is required to be on duty and on the premises. Students should not be working from remote locations nor at home. Students do not receive holiday, sick or annual leave. Hours worked does not include meal breaks. Therefore, break times and meal times should not be included on the timesheet. See MUSC HRM policy 9 for more information.

Falsification of time worked is subject to disciplinary actions outlined in MUSC HRM Policy 45.

To Enter Your Hours:

1. Go to

2. Click on Timecard

3. Click on Time Stamp for Employees

4. Enter your username (your username is the same as your MNA username)

Enter your password (your initial password is password. You can then create a new password) If you forget your password and need it reset, please contact OCIS at 792-9700 or Sally Bridges in the Systems and Procedures office at 792-7606 or

6. Enter your time in and out for each day - make sure you indicate AM or PM. If you worked multiple shifts within a day, click the add row arrow and enter second shift worked

7. Click the Save button

To Submit Your Timesheet:

Timesheets are due Friday afternoon before the last day of the pay period. If you work on the last day of the pay period (Saturday), your deadline is Monday after the end of the pay period by 10:00 am. It is the student’s responsibility to submit their time worked.

1. Click the Reports button

2. Select the range for the pay period

3. Click on the View Report button

4. Print and sign the report

5. Have your supervisor sign the report

6. Fax the report to 792-6356

If you are late or forget to submit your time worked by the deadline, this may cause a delay in your pay.

Payroll deadlines may vary due to holidays and inclement weather conditions. If changes occur, students and supervisors will be notified via email.

All work study employees are paid by direct deposit. Check stubs are available online at:



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