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AAC’s Behavioral Health Academic Scholarship Program

American Addiction Centers is offering three scholarships to those studying behavioral health, counseling, psychology, social work and nursing. To apply, students may be full or part time undergraduate or graduate students and write an essay on why you are interested in pursuing a career in behavioral sciences. Applications are available at:
Application deadline: May 31

AETNA/National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations (NCEMNA) Scholars Program

This award is presented by the National Association for Hispanic Nurses to a NAHN member accepted to or currently enrolled in a four-year or master’s degree nursing program. The goal of this award is to increase the number of ethnic minority nurses and socialize them into the research agenda to eliminate health disparities. The selected scholar must commit to participate in a one (1) year long mentorship program beginning September 2005. Criteria for this scholar mentorship program and a financial award of $2000 are the following:

  • A typed three- to four-page statement outlining the applicant’s personal and professional goals and demonstration of leadership and involvement in an ethnic community (Latino/Hispanic or other)
  • Two letters of support outlining the applicant’s superior potential in research to eliminate health disparities.
  • Verification of academic status in a four-year degree program or masters degree program, including current transcript, if appropriate.
  • Academic excellence (minimum 3.0 GPA)
  • Verification of NAHN membership status
  • National ScholarshipApplication Form completed.

Applications are available online at :
Application deadline: April 15th.

Aliene Ewell Scholarship

Chi Eta Phi Sorority offers scholarships to nursing students. Awards are based on financial need and academic merit. For more information, contact your local Chi Eta Phi chapter.  Scholarships of $500 to $2000; must be a college senior to apply.
Deadline: February 28. scholarship

Alegria shoes offers a $2500 scholarship for students pursuing a nursing degree at an accredited college or university. Applicants will provide school contact information and an essay describing why becoming a nurse would make you happy.
Applications are available at:
Application deadline: March 31

American Cancer Society Scholarships in Cancer Nursing

Open to graduate nursing students pursuing a master's or doctoral degree in cancer nursing at an accredited institution. Must be a US citizen or permanent resident. Master's students awards are made for up to 2 years in the annual amount of $10,000. Doctoral students' pursuing study in research, education, administration or clinical practice may be awarded an annual stipend of $15,000 over a 4 year period. Applications may be obtained via the web at
Application deadline: February 1.

American College of Nurse Midwives Foundation Scholarship

ACNM offers scholarships to students who are members of ACNM, enrolled in an accredited midwifery program and in good academic standing, and have completed one semester of course work or clinical module. Multipe scholarships are available. Applications available online at:
Application deadline: Varies.

American Nurses Association Ethnic Minority Fellowship Program

The American Nurses Association (ANA) with the support of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration(SAMHSA) provides 3-5 year fellowships to masters prepared nurses committed to pursuing doctoral level study on minority psychiatric-mental health and substance abuse issues. This program now offers an annual fellowship stipend of $16,500 and $5,000 tuition assistance. Eligibility criteria include: US Citizenship or permanent visa status, master's degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing or closely related field and pursuing doctoral degree in Psychiatric.Mental Health Nursing, ANA membership, a member of an ethnic/racial minority group such as African-American, Hispanic, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, ability to demonstrate commitment to a career in researching nursing and psychiatric/mental health issues affecting ethnic minority populations.

Applications are available online at:
Application deadline: March 1.

American Society of Peri-Anesthesia Nurses

Registered nurses who have been a member of ASPAN for two full years may be eligible for scholarships. Scholarship application available February 2012, call (877) 737-9696 ext. 13.
Deadline: July 1.

Association of Operating Room Nurses Scholarship

AORN offers scholarships to members, employees or dependent children of AORN who are graduate or undergraduate nursing students. Scholarship information available February 15, 2012 for the 2012-2013 application cycle. Applications are available at:
Deadline: May 1.

Charlotte McGuire Scholarship

The American Holistic Nurses' Association offers scholarships to students pursuing a holistic nursing education. Eligibility criteria include: 3.0 GPA, interest and experience in healing and holistic nursing practice, and members of AHNA.
Applications are available at:
Deadline: March 15.

Connecticut League for Nursing Scholarships

CLN offers nursing scholarships to juniors and seniors for students pursuing a BSN degree. Students must be residents of Connecticut. Any gender may apply. Contact CLN PO Box 365 Wallingford, CT 06492 or visit for application information.
Application deadline: Mid October.

Dr. Lauranne Sams Scholarship

The National Black Nurses Association offers scholarships ranging from $500 to $2000 to students based on financial need and academic achievement. Scholarship Requirements include: Candidate must be currently enrolled in a nursing program (B.S.N., A.D., Diploma or L.P.N. / L.V.N. and in good scholastic standing at the time of application.Must be a member of NBNA and a member of a local chapter (if one exists in your area) and applicant must have at least one full year of school remaining.
Applications are available at:
Application deadline: April 15th.

Eight and Forty Lung and Respiratory Disease Nursing Scholarship Fund

The fund assists Registered Nurses to secure advanced preparation for positions in clinical practice, management, or teaching. The students are to have prospects of being in full-time positions and have a direct relationship with lung and respiratory disease. Applicants must be US citizens with qualities of leadership and freedom to pursue full-time employment. Write The American Legion, Americanism and Children & Youth Division, Attn: Eight and Forty Scholarships, PO Box 1055, Indianapolis, IN 46206 for an application.
Deadline: May 15.

Emergency Nurses' Association Foundation Funding Program

ENA offers a variety of scholarship and grant opportunities for graduate and undergraduate study. ENA `s mission is to enhance emergency health service available to the public through education and innovative research. Visit for application information.
Application deadline: June 1st.

HRSA Nursing Scholarship Program

Covers tuition, fees, school related expenses, and provides a stipend. Must commit to serve at least 2 years at a health care facility with a critical shortage of nurses. Must be a US citizen in a professional RN program (baccalaureate, graduate, associate degree, diploma) at an accredited nursing school in the US.
Deadline June 1.  More information at

Juanita Robles-Lopez/Pampers Parenting Institute and Proctor & Gamble Scholarship

This award is presented to a National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) member who is pursuing a master's degree in maternal-child health nursing program. Eligibility criteria include: 3-4 page statement outlining the maternal child needs affecting Hispanic communities and the applicant's potential for leadership in this area, 2 letters of support outlining their potential in this area, clinical teaching skills and knowledge of maternal child needs, verification of acceptance into graduate program, minimum 3.0 gpa, financial screening form and verification of membership status in NAHN.
Applications are available online at:
Application deadline: April 15.

National Association of Hispanic Nurses Scholarship

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses ( NAHN) offers scholarships for outstanding Hispanic nursing students enrolled in a nursing program. Eligibility criteria include: minimum 3.0 gpa, leadership potential in nursing, financial need, member of NAHN. Applications must include, letter of support from faculty member, transcripts, essay, financial screening form and NAHN membership verification.
Applications are available online at:
Application deadline: April 15.

National Association of Orthopedic Nursing

NAON offers a variety of scholarships and grants to students who are NAON members. For more information contact: National Association for Orthopedic Nurses Box 56 Pitman, NJ 08071-0056 (609) 256-2310.
Application deadline: September 1st.

Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association, Inc. Undergraduate Nursing Education Scholarships

The Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association, Inc. offers scholarships to students enrolled in state-approved schools of nursing. Eligibility criteria include: enrollment in a state approved nursing program leading to associate degree, baccalaureate, diploma, generic doctorate or generic master's degree; or enrolled in an RN to BSN, RN to MSN or LPN/LVN to RN program., taking no less than 6 credit hours per semester, involvement in student nursing organizations and/or community health activities, academic achievement, financial need, US Citizen or permanent resident. Scholarships range from $1000 to $2500.
Applications are available at:
Application deadline: January 13.

Nurses Educational Funds Scholarships

NSF offers scholarships for graduate nursing education. Awards range from $2,000 to $10,000 yearly. Application kits are available for a cost of $10.00 from NSF, 555 West 57th Street, NY, NY 10019.
Deadline: March 1.

Nurse Education Loan Repayment Program

NELRP is a federal program to repay a percentage of student loans for nursing if the a Registered Nurse agrees to work at facility experiencing a 'critical shortage' of nurses. NELRP will repay 85% of the student loan if the RN contracts to work for 3 years or 60% of the student loan if the RN contracts to work for 2 years. You must be registered as an RN to apply. Approval is based on the financial need of the applicant and the service needs of the NELRP. Applications are available online at:
Application deadline: Early March.


Oncology Nursing Society Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship awards up to $3,000 for students who are studying nursing and have an interest in oncology nursing. For more information: visit
Application deadline: Not specified.

ACNM Foundation Fellowship for Graduate Education

The Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical/ACNM Foundation offers fellowships to midwives actively enrolled in doctoral or post-doctoral studies. Eligibility criteria include certification as a nurse-midwife, current membership in ACNM and good academic progress. Applications are available online at: . Applications are not currently being accepted for this fellowship but other scholarships are available at the same website.
Application deadline: Mid March.

Patricia Smith Christensen Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to assist graduate nursing students in maternal-child or pediatric nursing. Scholarships are awarded once during each biennium (1997, 1999, and so on). Students must be a registered nurse with a current license, and enrolled in a Master's or doctoral program in nursing. Preference is given to Canadian residents and members of Sigma Theta Tau International, with all other qualifications being equal. Award amount is $1,000. Questions can be directed to  Website:
Call: (888) 634-7575.
Application deadline: April 1.

VA Pre-doctoral Nurse fellowship

The Veterans Administration offers a fellowship to nursing students who are enrolled in a doctoral program. They provide support in the amount of $25,000 for the student at the dissertation stage to research a topic related to gerontology or the care of adult/aging patients. For more information, contact Department of Veterans' Affairs 810 Vermont Avenue NW, Office of Academic Affiliation, Washington, DC 20420 (202) 273-5771 or
Application deadline: Not specified


Worcester District Medical Society Alliance Nursing Scholarship

Scholarships are offered to nursing students who demonstrate scholastic achievement (minimum 3.4 GPA), financial need and community service. The applicant must be a legal resident of Worcester county at the time of applying to nursing school and have completed at least 1 year of a 4 year BSN program. Applications are available at :

 Nursing Program Scholarship is offering a $1000 scholarship to undergraduate students who are enrolling in an undergraduate nursing program. Masters/Doctoral students are not eligible to apply. Applicants will be asked to submit a 500-800 word essay on a particular topic. Other selection criteria include: combination of GPA, extra-curricular activities and employment history (if applicable). Applications are available at:

Application deadline: July 31st


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