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Diversity Programs

Graduate Incentive Scholarships

This scholarship is to aid in the financial need of historically under-represented graduate students. Additionally, the eligible student must be a full-time student, a bona fide resident of South Carolina,  a U.S. citizen and remain in good academic standing while receiving the award. The maximum annual amount of a Graduate Incentive Scholars Award will be $10,000 at the doctoral level and $5,000 at the master’s level. Selection of recipients is made by the individual colleges ( Medicine, Dental, Nursing, Pharmacy, Grad Studies, CHP).  This program is subject to appropriate funding from the S.C. State Legislature. For more information, contact your College Scholarship Representative.

Students must sign a contract declaring their intention to pursue their profession in the State of South Carolina.  GIS Recipients agree to remain in the State of South Carolina and be employed in the State for a period of (1) year for each $5,000 or part thereof that he/she receives under the Graduate Incentive Scholarship Program.  Recipients are not expected to repay the Graduate Incentive Scholarship while in a residency program where residency applies to degree attainment. Students are also required to verify ongoing state employment for the appropriate term of the loan.

Students who do not remain in South Carolina are required to repay the loan in full should they accept employment elsewhere upon graduation.

National Medical Fellowships

National Medical Fellowships provide need based awards to minority medical students who have been accepted by or are attending accredited schools of medicine. Awards are given to first- and second-year students with special merit awards for junior and senior students. Applications are available from the Medical University of South Carolina's Office of Student Diversity. The National Medical Fellowship website is located at:



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