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Lenders Used by MUSC Students

The choice of a lender for your alternative student loans is yours. The Medical University of South Carolina Financial Aid Services Office will process alternative loans from any eligible lender you decide to use. It is to a student’s advantage to apply for full federal loan eligibility before applying for alternative loans. Federal student loans generally have borrower benefits such as consolidation, service cancellations and military repayment. In addition, the federal government caps the interest on federal loans.

You should feel free to read the following information about the Student Loan Sunshine Act which, among other things, limits the extent to which institutions may recommend lenders.


MUSC Students borrowed alternative loans from the following lenders during the past 5 academic school years (2009-2014). This information is provided to assist you as you begin evaluating your lender options, and does NOT represent all possible lenders. This list is in alphabetical order. No preference should be inferred from the alphabetical sort order of the lenders listed.

Lender NameTelephoneWebsite
Charter One(800) 721-3969www.charterone.com/student-borrowing
(formerly FYNANZ)
(888) 549-9050www.custudentloans.org
Discover Student Loans(800) 788-3368https://www.discover.com/student-loans/
New Jersey Higher Education Assistance Authority(800) 792-8670http://www.hesaa.org/
PNC Bank(800) 762-1001www.pnconcampus.com
Sallie Mae(888) 272-5543www.salliemae.com
South Carolina Student Loan Corporation (SCSL)(800) 347-2752www.scstudentloan.org
Suntrust(800) 552-3006www.suntrusteducation.com
Union Federal(866) 513-8445http://www.unionfederalstudentloans.com/
Vermont Student Assistance Corp
(Vermont Residents Only)
(800) 798-8722www.vsac.org
Wells Fargo(800) 378-5526www.wellsfargo.com/student


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