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News Release

Enclosed with your diploma you will be receiving a copy of a news release concerning your graduation from MUSC. This is for you to send to your hometown newspaper.

Please keep in mind the following:

  1. Some larger papers (often daily papers in small to medium-sized cities) have an edition that just goes to one section of town. For example, Charleston's Post and Courier has the zoned edition on Thursdays, and the State newspaper in Columbia has a Neighbor section. But the State will only print a graduation announcement if the student graduates with honors. The Post and Courier has requested that the Medical University submit a list of graduates by hometown (such as Mt. Pleasant, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, etc.) so the paper can run the names of these students in the appropriate zoned edition. If you have listed Charleston, or one of its suburbs as your hometown on your degree application, we will automatically send a release, and you needn't send anything to the Post and Courier.
  2. Larger newspapers generally do not run this type of material. There isn't much point in sending it to papers like the New York Times or Washington Post, if you are from New York or Washington. However, there may be a small community paper covering your particular section of town that would welcome this news.
  3. If your hometown is a small community, you might want to send a small head-and-shoulders photo, preferably black and white, to the community newspaper along with the press release. Some papers will use it and some will not. They will not return the photo.
  4. On the press release, you should name the community you consider to be your hometown. If you have ties with other communities, you can write this down on the bottom of the press release and send it to that community. If your parents live in a different community, you can add a statement such as Joe Jones is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jones, Sr. of Anytown, S.C. and send it to the editor of the paper in Anytown.
  5. If you have any questions, call Maggie Diebolt 792-2626 or Jeff Watkins 792-3906, both of the MUSC Public Relations Department for assistance.

Last Published with Edits:January 31, 2014 3:40 PM
Last Comprehensive Review:January 2014


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