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Diploma Information for Graduates

Check the spelling of your name and the degree received. The diploma directly reflects information you provided on your degree application. Subsequent changes in your name are made only when legal proof supports your request. There is a cost of $45.00 for replacement diplomas and there is a waiting period of up to 30 days.

Copying Before Framing
Before you frame your diploma, find a business that can copy large documents, and have several copies made. You may want to get some reduced copies; then have them notarized as true copies. This will save a lot of grief in years to come, especially if you are being licensed. Many states require exact copies of diplomas (reduced will do in many cases) and you don't know the meaning of "problem" until you try copying a large diploma that has been laminated on mahogany! The Medical University does not provide duplicate copies unless you can provide evidence that the original has been destroyed.

Official Transcripts
Official transcripts that you have already ordered will be mailed out as soon as your degree is posted . . . usually the week after graduation. Remember that effective immediately after you graduate, the cost of transcripts is $20.00 per copy. Free copies are provided to full-time students if your request is received prior to the date of Commencement.

The Office of Enrollment Management wishes you great success in your career. It has been our pleasure to serve you as students; we hope we have done this well. This office will continue to serve you for the rest of your career. Feel free to contact us any time we can be of assistance.

Diploma Charges
Effective July 1, 1994, students are subject to the following charges to pay for their diplomas:

1. REGULAR DIPLOMAS. The cost of the diploma is included as part of student fees. This cost is non-refundable.

2. AMENDED DIPLOMAS. There is a $25 fee for amended diplomas. An amended diploma is when the original diploma that was ordered must be modified and reprinted:

a) because the student was unable to complete all degree requirements by the date stipulated on their degree application, and/or
b) because the student gave the wrong degree date or degree type on their degree application, and/or
c) because the student misspelled their name(s) on the degree application, and /or
d) because of any other change within the control of the student.

Note: There is no charge to the student when an amended diploma must be ordered due to an error made by the University or in the process of manufacturing the diploma.

3. REPLACEMENT DIPLOMAS. There is a $45 fee for a replacement diploma when their original diploma was lost or destroyed.

Persons requesting a replacement diploma must complete a Diploma Request Form which must be notorized and provide reasonable proof that the original was lost or destroyed.

Requests for diploma replacements for deceased alumni by a spouse or child will be considered if accompanied by the written request noted above, an explanation of the circumstances, a death certificate and/or obituary, and documentation of the relationship. MUSC reserves the right to determine whether such a replacement is possible and appropriate.

Note: All replacement diplomas will carry the name and date of the original degree, but signatures will be those of current officials of the University.


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