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Reports of Academic Information

Numerous reports are generated from the databases the Office of Enrollment Management administers. The Office of Enrollment Management is in the process of making these and other reports available to faculty, staff, and administrators and the academic community at large for use in a variety of activities, such as preparation for program review, enrollment trend analysis, and grant writing.

The reports have been divided into two categories: reports generated from files created for submission to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and reports generated from the "live" databases. The difference between the two categories is that SCCHE data files are frozen in March, July, and October. "Live" data may change day to day - even hour to hour.

The links below provide access to the appropriate report files. For reports needed on a recurring basis but not found here, a data request should be placed with the Director of University Reporting by e-mail at or telephone 843-876-7826.

Student and Institutional Information
Summaries Fact Card, program specific enrollment reports, Commission on Higher Education reports, institutional post-secondary education data system (IPEDS) surveys, commencement/graduation reports.

Daily Admissions Snapshot Reports
Application counts, program and college specific statistics generated each morning to reflect cumulative work done for the current cycle through the previous day. Counts are compared with non-archival data pulled from the "live" database for the previous cycle. Available only within the MUSC Intranet.

University Standard for Reporting Race and Ethnicity of Students
A set of standards that were developed for reporting race and ethnicity of students to ensure quality data is being collected and reported in a reliable and consistent manner.

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