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Office of Interprofessional Initiatives

Interprofessional Programs

Creating Collaborative Care (C3) is a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for the Medical University of South Carolina that focuses on interprofessional education. Organized within the Office of Interprofessional Initiatives, the programs are multi-dimensional.  Offerings have been developed to encourage interdisciplinary opportunities and interprofessional understanding for students, faculty, and staff.


Students have opportunities for interprofessional discovery during a day dedicated to the introduction and better understanding of the other healthcare programs on campus.  Opportunities for scholarship, competition, and fellowship are available.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff have opportunites to participate as facilitators, instructors, and mentors in structured courses, events, and a variety of other venues.  There are also learning opportunities for them to develop their own skills and to gain a more detailed understanding of how interprofessional integration impacts patient care.

Please visit the links from this page to learn more about C3's goals and domains: Curricular; Co-curricular; Faculty Development; Healthcare Simulation (teaching and learning using simulation), as well as other events and activity related to C3.

For students interested in participating in the IPE Fellowship, please click here.

For information on interprofessional electives that will be offered for Spring 2012, please click here.

Second Year Interprofessional Day Presentation - Reference Materials by Dr. Louis Guillette

Female Reproductive Disorders

Girl Disrupted

Interprofessional Awards for Student Research Day, Nov 4, 2011:

First place award went to:
NAVIGATE: A Trial to Increase Patient Enrollment in Thoracic and Esophageal Cancer Clinical Trials, Kathleen B Cartmell1, Marvella E Ford2, Nestor F Esnaola3, Tricia A Adrales-Bentz4, Terri L Matson4, Carolyn E Reed4, Debbie C Bryant4, Anthony J Alberg1,3, Lauren A Smith1, James D Bearden.6, Howard A Zaren7, Anita L Harrison4; 1Health Professions, MUSC, 2Biostatistics & Epidemiology, MUSC, 3Medicine, MUSC, 4Hollings Cancer Center, MUSC

Second place award went to:
Infant Head Movements: Intrarater and Interrater Reliability Using Dartfish 2D Motion Kinematics, Caroline G Tuttle1, Casey E Hudson1, Jessica Perkel2, Noelle Moreau3, Patty Coker-Bolt1, Dorothea Jenkins2; 1Occupational Therapy, MUSC, 2Pediatrics, MUSC, 3Physical Therapy, MUSC.

Interprofessional & Interdisciplinary Strategic Plan Research Proposal Awards:
Our first group of winners was selected October 2011.  Please click on the project title to get more information about the project: 

Interprofessional Education at MUSC:  Community Aid, Relief, Education and Support (CARES) Clinic. Wanda Gonsalves, Patty Coker-Bolt, Kit Simpson, Sara Kraft, Gretchen Seif

Single Ventricle Interstage Growth Monitoring. Sinai Zyblewski, Frances Woodard, Kristi Fogg

Teaching and Evaluating Interprofessional Teamwork and Communication Skills to Health Professions’ Students in a Simulated Clinical Environment. Sara Shrader, Donna Kern, April Vargas

Improving Interprofessional Communication, Collaboration, and Family-Centered Care in the Medical Intensive Care Unit.  Dee Ford, Andrea Homan, Ramita Bonadonna, Terry Wilson

Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary Speakers!

Recording of Strategic Plan Speaker Series: "What's Culture Got to Do With It?"
Dear Colleagues,
K. Scott Griffith* spoke Tuesday, October 4 as part of the Strategic Plan Speaker Series on the topic, "What's Culture Got to Do With It?"
The session focused on the importance of a JUST Culture which places

  • LESS focus on errors, events or outcomes
  • MORE focus on risk, system design, and managing quality behavioral choices

*K. Scott Griffith - Chief Operating Officer of Outcome Engineering (OE), a Dallas-based risk management firm specializing in assisting organizations to improve operational performance.
In case you were unable to attend, here is link to the recording of the session:
NOTE:  A dialog box will prompt you if you need to download the plug-in to play the recording.  Download and installation of the recording should only take a few seconds.

Hear what our students have to say!

Presentation from Nov. 22, 2010:
Value of IPE in My Education by Dina Khalil and Lisa Murphy.



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