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Office of Interprofessional Initiatives

IP Day


Interprofessional education is available in several formats including required and elective coursework, Interprofessional Day held annually, competition, and scholarly studies.

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clinical practice

collaborative practice

Understanding and implementing interprofessional health care through co-curricular experiences in diverse clinical environments including hospitals, CARES clinics, and CARES Rehab clinics.

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Faculty development

Engaging faculty in refining their instructional skills, their own interprofessional understanding, and facilitation skills.

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documenting activities for research purposes


Critical thinking, documentation, and piloting new initiatives through local programs, consortium and NEXUS programs to improve interprofessional processes and practices.

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evaluation and assessment


Evaluation and assessment through metrics developed by an assessment task force.

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CARES Clinic

Community outreach

Activities for students and faculty from different professions to learn from, about and with each other to improve health care in the community.

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