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Classroom Scheduling Policies

Priority for Assigning Centrally-Scheduled Classrooms Other Than for Conference Requests

The MUSC Office of Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources (ITFR) currently maintains 40 centrally-supported classrooms, meeting rooms, and conference rooms.

Schedule one of these locations

Priority for room scheduling:

Priority 1: Classes of full semester length (largest core classes will be assigned first)

Assignment of a particular room depends on the specific needs of the colleges/departments requesting them. Specific needs may include the number of students, audio-visual technology required, other teaching technologies required, etc. Highest priority will be given to regularly scheduled, full-semester length classes. Once needs of the colleges/departments for particular classroom types are considered, proximity of the classrooms to the academic unit

Priority 2: Academic or instructional functions not directly associated with specific courses

Priority 2 functions must have a stated academic or instructional function but are not poat of a routine course meeting schedule. With this exception, qualifications for classroom assignment are the same as for Priority 1: need, followed by proximity. However, non-course-related academic/instructional function requests for classrooms may be submitted within two weeks rather than one month prior to a semester

Priority 3: Special University functions (includes demonstrations and special gatherings)

Rooms will be assigned as available upon request from University members for University affiliated events. Room assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Priority 4: Requests from groups external to the University

These requests will be assigned as rooms are available. No group will be permitted room use if that group


  • Assuming the request is made according to the guidelines described above, Priority 1 classes will be assigned the same room as assigned in prior semesters.
  • Priority 1-3 classes or functions offering a distance education (DE) module will be assigned with highest priority to classrooms with a DE capability. DE courses of Priority 1 will supersede non-DE courses (also priority 1) in these equipped rooms.
  • Even if they are Priority 1, classes in the Drug Discovery Building (DDB110), or the Bioengineering Building (BEB 110, 112) may be relocated due to conference scheduling.
  • Once a classroom assignment is made to a group of any priority level (1-4), that assignment will not be changed except under those circumstances previously named related to DE, DDB 110, and BEB 110, 112.


Conference Criteria

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