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Educational Software Support

We provide technical support and training for University educational software. As technology is expanding every minute, educational software is becoming a staple in many classroom structures. There are many opportunities to try things in physical and virtual classrooms that were not possible before. Properly used, educational software can make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. Educational software can be utilized to support or extend teaching and learning experiences. Effective integration is achieved when the use of educational software is consistent in supporting curricular goals. ITFR supports the following University educational software: Moodle, Panopto, E*Value, and Turnitin.


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Moodle is MUSC's Learning Management System (LMS) where faculty can use courses set up by Enrollment Services to host content and engage students in learning outside of the classroom. Moodle is designed to provide faculty and students with an easily accessible online course tool that promotes integration and collaboration, activity-based learning, critical reflection, etc. Its open source license and modular design means this software is more flexible and has functions that be more easily integrated into the software.

Access (you will be redirected to Moodle) (you will be redirected to Moodle) (direct link)


Panopto (University only)

Panopto is MUSC's lecture capture software. Panopto is a flexible, easy-to-use lecture capture solution. Panopto includes a video content management system for uploading, managing and sharing all of your video and audio files. It comes with built-in video analytics, a web-based video editor, automatic encoding to ensure your videos play efficiently on any device, and a unique search engine that helps your students review material mentioned or shown in their course videos. Panopto brings ease of use for capturing and sharing video content across the organization, and also integrates with our learning management system, Moodle.



E*Value (University only)

E*Value is a web-based healthcare education management system utilized by MUSC.  It is used to efficiently manage, monitor, and improve the performance of our educational programs. E*Value streamlines curriculum, coursework, scheduling, assessments, site management and more, with an all-in-one solution that helps to manage a vast amount of critical information easily and efficiently. Evaluations and other tools can be customized to each college's specific needs, producing more valuable results and the ability to track evaluation data over time.




Turnitin is an originality detection service that MUSC has licensed and made available through Moodle. Turnitin is the leading originality checking and plagiarism prevention service used by millions of students and faculty, and thousands of institutions worldwide. Turnitin encourages best practices for using and citing other people’s written material. The service offers a complete web-based service to manage the process of submitting and tracking papers electronically, providing better—and faster—feedback to students.  The Turnitin service compares work submitted to it against a database of publications, Internet pages, and other work previously submitted to Turnitin. It reports back what percentage of the submission matches these sources. This report helps instructors identify passages in student writing that may need to be investigated further for potential plagiarism.


Direct access through Moodle courses (must have access to a Moodle course to access)


Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is MUSC's presentation engagement tool. Real-time polling allows you to transform one-way lectures into two-way conversations, instantly. In the time it would take one student to raise a hand and respond, live polling allows you to hear from every student in class, and then tailor instruction to their needs. Project responses up on a screen in front of class, and this low-pressure way of getting everyone to contribute also makes students feel empowered.

Any faculty or staff member can be a presenter,  but only students and residents can be responders to polls. Please email if you have any questions about utilizing this software outside of these parameters.



Poll Everywhere Resources

Poll Everywhere Support

Call Poll Everywhere's support team at 1-800-388-2039 from 8:00AM-8:00PM

MUSC Support

  • Contact your college administrator for support inside and outside of the classroom.
  • For all additional questions, contact
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