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Office of Instructional Technology and Faculty Resources

Services Offered

MUSC Art Services offers many professional services to faculty,staff and students alike.

Some of our services include:

Art Services maintains and operates an Epson Stylus Pro 9800 that will print up to 44" wide by any length.

We accept PC and Mac files. MUSC Art Services will be glad to produce the layout for you, using your files and specifications, or print your file directly from your disk.

If providing your own artwork, the best software to use for text preparation is Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. Please bear in mind that these are word processing programs, and are NOT recommended for page layout or design purposes.

Powerpoint and Indesign are good programs for layout and design, as they provide for easy importing of files and adding color. If you have charts, graphs or figures, it is recommended you use Powerpoint, Excel, Illustrator or Canvas. Photoshop is the industry standard when working with photographs.

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