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Student Communications

Stay In the Know with Student Communications. The resources below provide ways for you to discover what’s happening on-campus and in the community as well as avenues for you to advertise activities for your group or student organization.

Student Broadcast: Student Information Email

Student Broadcast is the student information newsletter sponsored by the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Programs and Student Diversity.  It’s distributed weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays, providing important information regarding news, events and opportunities for student engagement.  All students are subscribed to the newsletter.

Submitting a Message to Student Broadcast: Anyone with a valid MUSC email address may submit messages to be included in the Student Broadcast Messages.  Submissions for a Monday Broadcast must be received by the Friday before at 8am.  Submissions for a Wednesday broadcast must be received by the Tuesday before at 8am.  A message may be submitted up to twice a month for one specific program or event but not more than once in a given week.

Click Here to Submit a Message

Social Networking On-Campus: Get Social

Yammer is the university-approved social networking site for all students, faculty and staff. It provides a safe, convenient way for members of the MUSC community to network and collaborate.  Click here to access Yammer using your Net ID and password.

For information regarding other social networking resources (facebook, twitter, Instagram) please click here.

Posting Flyers:  On-Campus Advertising

Student Programs and the Student Government Association has bulletin boards located across campus that can be utilized for advertising your group’s activities.  All materials must be approved by the Coordinator for Student Communications.  Please visit our office at 45 Courtenay Avenue to have your materials approved. Flyers may be no larger than 8.5 in. X 11 in. and can only be posted for two weeks.  

SGA TV: Digital Advertising

Take your advertising to the next level with the SGA TVs. The SGA manages digital advertising on the two TVs located inside the Colbert Education Building and Library.  Advertisements must be 11 in X 8.5 in (landscape letter) to be included on the SGA TVs and will be circulated for two weeks. Ads can be emailed to

The Catalyst: Campus-Wide Newspaper

The Catalyst is published biweekly across the MUSC campus.  To suggest a news story or advertise an event or program, email the Catalyst team at  Please note that the Catalyst is accessible to employees and patients and student-only events are not recommended for advertising in the Catalyst.

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